In Case You Missed It: A Look Back at Healthy Teen Network’s Publications in 2015

Date: January 6th, 2016

Kelly Connelly

Healthy Teen Network worked hard to provide a wide variety of new resources in 2015. In case you missed any of them, here is a quick look at our publications and other resources from last year.

Generate My Healthy Future
This comprehensive set of materials is designed to generate energy around adolescent and young adult health and well-being.

Youth 360: The Game
At our 2015 conference, we unveiled Youth 360⁰: The Game, and we were thrilled to see attendees share with each other all the ways they are “doing” Youth 360⁰. Now, the game is available for free download!

A Checklist for Integrating a Trauma-Informed Approach into Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
A trauma-informed approach is a way of addressing vital information about sexuality and well-being that takes into consideration adverse life experiences and their potential influence on sexual decision-making.

All about the HECAT! Mini-Webinar Series
These six recorded “mini-webinars” provide an introduction to (or refresher on) the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT).

What’s In Your Toolbox? A Collaborative Learning Series on Getting to Outcomes® (GTO)
This five-part webinar series provides an introduction to the Getting to Outcomes (GTO) process and the tools provided by the CDC to ensure that this framework is user-friendly and promotes meaningful work to reduce teen pregnancy.

Readiness for Sustaining Getting to Outcomes among Local Providers
This discussion guide focuses on sustaining the Getting to Outcomes (GTO) evidence-based framework, however, this tool applies best practices for sustaining any innovation based on three established areas: general capacity, capacity specific to the innovation at-hand, and motivation to sustain it.

Characteristics of Youth-Friendly Clinical Services
Youth-friendly services are services that all adolescents are able to obtain, and these services, which include full contraceptive coverage to avoid unintended pregnancies and STIs, should meet youth’s expectations and needs and improve their health.

Increasing Our Impact by Using a Social-Ecological Approach
The Social-Ecological Model is a theory-based framework for understanding, exploring, and addressing the social determinants of health at many levels.

Art of Storytelling
This tip sheet illustrates how a good story flows naturally with a well-developed plot that takes the listener through an image-filled journey that leaves the listener with something to think about or remember; a call to action, an idea, or a puzzle to solve.

Summary: Systematic Literature Review of the Association Between School Climate and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
This systematic review sought to characterize the current state of the literature on school climate and ASRH. Implications for school-based programs and research are summarized.

Show Me the Money: Healthy Teen Network’s Guide to Developing a Winning Grant Proposal
Securing grants and cooperative agreements can seem like a daunting process. This resource demystifies the process and provides clear planning activities and templates to help you develop winning grant proposals.

2014 Annual Report
The close of 2014 marked the mid-point of our current strategic plan, and we are encouraged to see the field embracing our Youth 360° frame as a way to talk about adolescent health and understand the need to address the social determinants of health.

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Healthy Teen Network Senior Marketing and Communications Manager Kelly Connelly, BA, is a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer, and she is experienced at developing skills-building workshops and programs, for professionals as well as youth.

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