Celebrating 35 Years of Health Promotion

Date: December 19th, 2014

Gina Desiderio

For more than 35 years, Healthy Teen Network has built the capacity of a national community where young people are supported and empowered to thrive. As we end this milestone year, please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.

Healthy Teen Network realizes the importance of considering the wide range of elements that can influence health outcomes. How and where we live, learn, and play matters.  We call this holistic approach Youth 360°.

Reflecting back over 35 years of community support, our experience validates the importance of the Youth 360° health promotion frame:

  • We have continually supported our members who work tirelessly to address the many different social determinants of health relevant to the youth they serve, such as interpersonal violence, engaging young men, supporting educational achievement and workforce development, and connecting youth to supportive housing services.
  • We promote a frame for teen pregnancy prevention and teen parenting that acknowledges the benefits of delaying childbearing, while also recognizing, without shaming, the potential for pregnant and parenting teens to succeed and thrive as parents and citizens.
  • We remain constant in our advocacy for young people regardless of the political climate.
  • We constantly challenge current paradigms and approaches and use data to substantiate our efforts.

We’ve made great strides over the past 35 years, but we need your help now to impact persistent health disparities. Our important work is only able to continue because of the generosity of people like you! We thank you for your support and wish you happy holidays!

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About the Author

Gina Desiderio, Healthy Teen Network Director of Communications, has over 10 years of capacity-building and project management experience, supporting professionals to provide programs and services to empower youth to thrive.

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