Giving Thanks

Date: November 25th, 2014

Kelly Connelly

The time is always right to stop and express gratitude for things, but Thanksgiving time provides us with an annual reminder to make sure we stop to think about—and show appreciation for—all the wonderful things in our lives. Here’s what staff of Healthy Teen Network had to share:

I am very thankful for working with a group of passionate, strong-willed, and dedicated group of individuals. I am very thankful for all my grantees for sharing their experiences, ideas, and lessons learned, and for allowing me to be part of their work and keeping me motivated.
-Mila Garrido, Senior Program Manager

Thanks!I am grateful to work in a field with so many caring people, including the staff and board of Healthy Teen Network and all of our constituents in the field. With so much doom and gloom in the world, my work constantly reminds me of the good.
-Pat Paluzzi, President & CEO

I am thankful for my friends and family, and to be able to live in such a great community. I am thankful for my neighbors who constantly invest their time and effort in our neighborhood.
-Allison Tomai Felsen, Office Administration Coordinator

I am grateful that Healthy Teen Network is able to share the voices of teen parents who have overcome tremendous obstacles to be successful adults. I feel inspired and energized every time I hear one of these stories, and I know others are as well.
-Valerie Sedivy, Senior Program Manager

I am thankful for the professional, dedicated and all around great group of women and men of Healthy Teen Network’s staff and board I have the privilege of working with!
-Dawn Ireton, Director of Finance and Operations

This year I am most thankful for my family; their love and patience is beyond words. I am also thankful for the trailblazers, colleagues and friends who share my commitment to support youth’s ability to thrive in all their endeavors. Finally, I am grateful to those hotels who offer free wi-fi.
-Deborah Chilcoat, Senior Training & Technical Assistance Manager

I’m grateful for the family and friends who hold me together when I don’t think I can hold myself together.
-Shanise Taylor, Executive and Communications Coordinator

I’m thankful to work for an organization with leadership that recognizes that giving staff the freedom and flexibility to manage their tasks and time allows us to thrive, both at work and at home, as we all aspire to achieve a positive work-life balance…work practices to recognize the whole person reflect Healthy Teen Network’s true commitment to Youth 360° holistic health promotion, both for the youth and professionals we serve, as well as for our staff.
-Gina Desiderio, Director of Marketing and Communications

I am thankful for Congresses and U.S. Presidents governing in earlier periods for putting in place federal systems for supporting the nation’s children, youth, and families, including New Deal programs like child welfare, social security, and unemployment insurance and Great Society programs like Head Start, AmeriCorps VISTA, and community health centers.
-Bob Reeg, Program Development and Public Policy Consultant

I’m thankful for having a healthy family, being able to work in the field that I love, and having amazing coworkers that makes going to the office (twice a week) a joy.
-Genevieve Martínez-García, Senior Researcher

It’s hard to narrow it down to just a couple things, but I am thankful for all the hard-working and inspiring people who came from all over the country to help make our annual conference an amazing event. I’m also grateful to work among a group people who love to laugh.
-Kelly Connelly, Marketing and Communications Manager 

I am thankful for joining the Healthy Teen Network family. Additionally I am thankful for my family and new opportunities that were bestowed upon us this year.
-Yewande Olugbade, Research Associate

I am thankful for a supportive work environment and passionate colleagues who keep me energized day after day.
-Janet Max, Director of Education and Outreach

I’m thankful for working in a field that drives my spirit as much as my mind. I’m thankful for having colleagues with a great sense of humor.
-Alex Eisler, Training and Technical Assistance Manager

Thank you for reading! We would love to hear about the things in your life that fill you with gratitude—please share in the comments below.


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Healthy Teen Network Senior Marketing and Communications Manager Kelly Connelly, BA, is a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer, and she is experienced at developing skills-building workshops and programs, for professionals as well as youth.

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