Growing Up LGBTQ+ Online: An Infographic

Date: October 20th, 2017

Nicholas Sufrinko

Over the past few months, Under the Currents tackled the topics of adolescent sexuality, technology, and social media. When approaching these topics, it is sometimes tempting for adults, even sexuality educators, to focus solely on the Internet Age’s harmful and problematic byproducts for adolescent development and sexuality. In fact, hardly a newsstand exists without glossy-paged headlines screaming for attention with the threats of cyber-bullying, sexting, and revenge porn.

A story less often told is how the Internet, while not without hazards, is also a force for good on adolescent development and sexuality. This is true perhaps for no other teens more than for LGBTQ+ teens, who face the additional burden of navigating culture, on- and offline, laden with homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism. But this, too, is a story worth telling–and that’s why I created the infographic below.





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About the Author

Nicholas Sufrinko, Digital Health Communications Specialist at Healthy Teen Network, is a designer, writer, and educator whose work occupies the intersection of public health, advertising, and technology. He has over five years of experience designing and implementing public health communications campaigns and promoting inclusive, comprehensive sexuality education through coalition building and grants management.

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