Healthiest Nation 2030

Date: April 16th, 2015

Kelly Connelly

Compared with people in other high-income countries, Americans have shorter life expectancies and experience more health problems. A variety of social determinants–some within our control, but many not–shape our health. At Healthy Teen Network, we strongly believe it’s important to integrate these social determinants of health to more effectively influence individual behavior and health outcomes. We call this holistic approach to health promotion Youth 360°. (To learn more about how Healthy Teen Network aims to address social determinants of health in our work, check out this recent blog post by President/CEO Pat Paluzzi.)

The theme for this year’s National Public Health Week was “Healthiest Nation 2030.” The goal established with this theme is for America to become the healthiest nation by 2030–that’s in one generation. An infographic from APHA asks, “Can we become the healthiest nation?” and illustrates some of the factors that affect health.

Do you think we can become the healthiest nation by 2030? What do you think are our biggest opportunities and challenges as a nation to get there? Let us know in the comment section below!



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Healthy Teen Network Senior Marketing and Communications Manager Kelly Connelly, BA, is a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer, and she is experienced at developing skills-building workshops and programs, for professionals as well as youth.

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