Member Benefits

  • adults_meeting-drinking-coffeeAnnual National Conference: Members receive a discount on registration for our apex national capacity-building event, the annual conference, where you will increase your capacity to implement evidence-based approaches and network with national colleagues to share best practices and innovative strategies.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Apply for unique scholarship opportunities for our annual national conference and select capacity-building services and other events (as available).
  • Annual Awards: Each year, we recognize outstanding and innovative programs from across the country, as well as outstanding former teen parents, presented at our national conference.
  • Capacity-Building Assistance: Receive a discount on our fee-for-service capacity building assistance, including diverse trainings, workshops, webinars, elearning, technical assistance (TA), and coaching services, spanning a breadth of adolescent health topics.
  • Free and Discounted Elearning and Webinars: Members receive a discount or free elearning and webinar opportunities.
  • Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance: Members who represent statewide coalitions or organizations focused on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and/or parenting are eligible to join the Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance, a group we convene several times a year and consult with to coordinate and sustain effective strategies across the states and local communities to support the health and well-being of young people.
  • Egram: The weekly Egram e-newsletter, an exclusive member benefit, synthesizes the latest research, resources, news, and funding opportunities related to adolescent health and well-being.
  • Spotlight: The monthly Spotlight e-newsletter, disseminated to the field at-large, highlights our members programs and services.
  • Public Policy Alerts: We provide exclusive, members-only public policy email alerts, with summaries of current legislative news.
  • Resources and Tools: Members receive discounts and exclusive access on select resources and tools, including free select print publications.
  • Partner Discounts: Discounted access to the Center for Sex Education‘s Sex Ed Network (20%). The Sex Ed Network has over 200 lessons available online. Lessons include complete instructions, processing questions, and handouts.
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