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Evaluation Readiness Assessment Guide

Date: January 1, 2000

Is Your Program Ready to Evaluate Its Effectiveness? A Guide to Program Assessment This guidebook was developed as an attempt to share the challenges we have encountered while evaluating programs participating in the National Urban Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (NUAPPP). Much of the material has been based on direct feedback from the NUAPPP participants.

Citation: 1. Sedivy V. (2000). Evaluation readiness assessment guide: Is your program ready to evaluate its effectiveness? Monograph published by Sociometrics Corporation and National Organization of Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention.
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Herramienta de Valoracion de Programas (TAC in Spanish)

The Tool to Assess the Characteristics of Effective Sex and STD/HIV Education Programs (TAC) gives communities the tools they need to select and implement the most effective pregnancy and STD prevention programs for youth. The TAC is designed to help practitioners assess whether curriculum-based programs have incorporated the common characteristics of effective programs. Knowing which…

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Young Families BDI Logic Model, Revised (Coming in 2018)

Healthy Teen Network is currently working to revise the original Resource Kit for Working with Young Families, developed in 2008. The revised logic model will be available in Spring 2018. Contact Gina Desiderio for more information.

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Protected: Thriving at the Intersection

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Citation: Martínez-García, G., Torres, L., Camacho, C., & Gleighert, H. (2018). Thriving at the intersection: Integrating social determinants of health and sexual health education to achieve positive outcomes for youth. Baltimore: Healthy Teen Network. Available from: www.HealthyTeenNetwork.org/resources/youth360/thriving-intersection
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Mapping Programs that Serve Pregnant and Parenting Teens

There are many programs providing services to young parents, but they often occur at the local, rather than the state-level, and identifying what is available is challenging. This report summarizes findings gathered by Healthy Teen Network over a six month period to assess supports and services for young families on a national scale.

Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2014). Mapping programs that serve pregnant and parenting teens in the US: Results and hurdles. Baltimore: Author.
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Gaining Support for Teen Families: Mapping the Perceptual Hurdles

Healthy Teen Network, along with a National Advisory Group, and the FrameWorks Institute have completed Phase One of a two year effort dedicated to identifying and implementing new ways of talking about pregnant and parenting teens to gain support for this population.

Citation: Nall Bales, S. & O'Neil, M. (2008). Gaining Support for Teen Families: Mapping the Perceptual Hurdles. DC: Author.
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Public Policy Recommendation: Ensure Pregnant and Parenting Student Access to Education

See also: Our summary of Healthy Teen Network Public Policy Recommendations. (Download the print version below.)     Topic: Pregnant and Parenting Teen Support Subject: Secondary Education Recommendation: Require State and Local Educational Agencies to Consider Needs of Pregnant and Parenting Students in their Educational Planning Congressional Action Request S. Senators: Urge conferees on the…

Citation: Healthy Teen Network (06 October 2015). Public policy recommendation: Ensure pregnant and parenting student access to education. Baltimore: Author.
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Supporting Young Fathers

Like young mothers, young fathers navigate both the stress of adolescence as well as new responsibilities that come with early parenthood. However, young men and especially young fathers in our society face unique challenges that impact their ability to achieve their life goals while simultaneously providing for their children.

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Public Policy Recommendation: Summary

Healthy Teen Network takes positions on public policies and public policy proposals of importance to adolescents, young adults, their families, and their communities. We organize our public policy recommendations in the topic areas of health promotion, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and support for young people who are pregnant or parenting. Summary of 2017 Public…

Citation: Healthy Teen Network (1 October 2017). Public policy recommendation: Summary. Baltimore: Author.
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HECAT Module 1: What Is the HECAT, and How Can It Help Me?

Access the first of 6 recorded mini-webinars here. These mini-webinars were designed as an introduction to (or refresher) to the HECAT, or Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT). Get the other 5 mini-webinars and handouts here.

Citation: Valerie Sedivy. (2014). HECAT Module 1: What Is the HECAT, and How Can It Help Me?. Baltimore: Author.
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