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Care and Feeding of Youth-Supporting Professionals

Date: November 18, 2014

Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Executive Director Jamie Keith shares her story of capacity-building assistance from Healthy Teen Network.

Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2014). The Care and Feeding of Youth-Supporting Professionals. Baltimore: Author.
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Celebrating Young Parents (Webinar Recording)

Date: July 13, 2017

  Celebrating Young Parents: How New Mexico and California Established a Day of Recognition (Webinar Recording) Over the past several years, two states—New Mexico and California—have been working to affirm the value of young families and celebrate the ways they contribute to our communities because all adolescents and young adults, including pregnant and parenting teens,…

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Child Sex Trafficking Victims Support Initiative Literature Review

Date: August 23, 2015

This literature review provides a brief summary of some tools and approaches used by other organizations and government agencies to identify child victims of sex trafficking.

Citation: Alexandra Eisler. (2015). Child Sex Trafficking Victims Support Initiative Literature Review. Baltimore: Author.
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Crush: Project Summary

Date: September 30, 2015

Crush is a robust mobile health (mHealth) application with the ultimate intent to reduce pregnancy among Black and Latina adolescent girls. In addition, Crush addresses HIV/STI prevention, healthy relationships, and clinic visitation. It provides comprehensive, medically accurate sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information to girls, in English and Spanish, through highly engaging interactive and multimedia…

Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2015). Crush: Project summary. Baltimore: Author.
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Engaging Community

Date: October 7, 2014

Collaborating to Leverage Funding & Resources: A Strategic Plan to Reduce Teen Births in Baltimore City Healthy Teen Network partnered with the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) and the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute and Center for Adolescent Health to develop a city-wide strategic plan to reduce teen births in Baltimore city. This collaboration generated…

Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2014). Engaging community: Collaborating to leverage funding and resources: A strategic plan to reduce teen births in Baltimore City. Baltimore: Author.
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Engaging Youth…On Their Turf: Creative Approaches to Connecting Youth through Community

Date: March 1, 2007

Healthy Teen Network believes it is the youth most disengaged from our usual systems of care and ultimately those most in need of positive messages and support. We believe it is our duty to find these young people and use any means possible to support their healthy development and transition to adulthood. We recognize the…

Citation: Kahn, A., Max, J., & Paluzzi, P. (2007). Engaging Youth… On Their Turf: Creative Approaches to Connecting Youth through Community. Washington, DC: Healthy Teen Network.
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Evaluation Readiness Assessment Guide

Date: January 1, 2000

Is Your Program Ready to Evaluate Its Effectiveness? A Guide to Program Assessment This guidebook was developed as an attempt to share the challenges we have encountered while evaluating programs participating in the National Urban Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (NUAPPP). Much of the material has been based on direct feedback from the NUAPPP participants.

Citation: 1. Sedivy V. (2000). Evaluation readiness assessment guide: Is your program ready to evaluate its effectiveness? Monograph published by Sociometrics Corporation and National Organization of Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention.
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Evidence-Based Resource Center

Date: October 4, 2016

The Healthy Teen Network Evidence-Based Resource Center provides you with a step-by-step guide to use evidence-based approaches to support your program and/or organizational outcomes. From planning to sustainability, you’ll find all the information to support your work. Enter the Evidence-Based Resource Center.

Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2016). Evidence-based resource center. Baltimore: Author. http://healthyteennetwork.org/evidence
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Expectant and Parenting Students Provisions of the Every Child Achieves Act (S. 1177)

Date: July 7, 2015

Providing support for expectant and parenting students improves high school graduation rates. Expectant and parenting students are often highly motivated and hard-working, and many describe becoming a parent as a turning point in their lives. With the right support and encouragement from their schools, expectant and parenting students–and their children–can and will succeed. This is…

Citation: Bob Reeg. (2015). Expectant and Parenting Students Provisions of the Every Child Achieves Act (S. 1177). Baltimore: Author.
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Finding Common Ground (Issue Brief)

Date: September 14, 2017

An Overview on Key Conservative Principles to Support Shared Goals for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health A shifted landscape of new or strengthened power players (particularly those who lean conservative) at all levels of government, combined with threats to public health investments that our nation’s youth are facing, necessitates a reinvigorated call to public policy…

Citation: Healthy Teen Network.(2017). Issue brief: Finding common ground: An overview on key conservative principles to support shared goals for adolescent sexual & reproductive health. Baltimore: Author. Available from www.healthyteennetwork.org/resource/finding-common-ground-issue-brief/
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