Action Alert: Fully Fund Adolescent Sexuality Education Programs

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Urge Congress to Fully Fund Adolescent Sexuality Education Programs
Act by February 27
 Healthy Teen Network, a member of the federal Sexuality Education Coalition, urges its members and supporters to add their organizations to a joint letter to Congress recommending full funding for federal adolescent sexuality education programs in fiscal year 2016.

The Sexuality Education Coalition letter recommends FY 2016 funding levels for the following programs:

  • $130 million for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI)
  • $6.8 million for TPPI Evaluation
  • $50 million for the Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) within CDC, to include at least $3 million for evaluation of school-based HIV prevention activities

The coalition also recommends that funding for the Competitive Abstinence Education (abstinence-only-until-marriage) program be eliminated.

In requesting funds for the above programs, the coalition highlights the need for sexual health education and adolescent sexual health promotion programs and includes evidence of these programs changing sexual behaviors, benefitting LGTBQ inclusivity, building relationship skills, and promoting  gender equity. In addition, the letter cites concerns for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs and  calls for the elimination of discretionary funding for these programs. Finally, reflecting the continued budgetary constraints, the letter includes cost-savings information.

To add your organization to the letter, please complete the online sign-on form by COB (5:00pm EST) Friday, February 27, 2015.


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