Generate My Healthy Future Plan

Date: June 28, 2017

Welcome to Your Healthy Future!

Hello! Sometime soon, you will become an adult, and along with that will come a lot of responsibilities but also opportunities to make your own choices and pursue your dreams. Adolescence—the time you are 13 to 24 years—may be a period of some stress. But it’s also a time for excitement!

You have a circle of support around you. Healthy Teen Network calls this “Youth 360°.” Basically, this means young people—YOU—are at the center of activity. But wrapped around you are other people (such as parents, caring adults, health care providers) and groups (such as peers, classmates, co-workers), the places you live/learn/work/play, and even the society we are all part of and the planet on which we live. Each of these parts of your life influences how you get the support you need for a healthy life.

Adolescence is a time when you think about what you want for your future—completing school, the type of work or career that best suits you, perhaps forming a long-term relationship, and just enjoying life. Sometimes you’re thinking about your future, and other times you’re talking with people you trust. Hopefully you’re soaking in reliable information, too.

Healthy Teen Network wanted to help out, too, so we made Generate My Healthy Future Plan. By using it—one time only or any time you want to return to it—you can think about your life, decide what you like about how things are right now, what you wish were different, and plan for a healthy future.

Your Plan will help you focus on what’s going on with your body, mind, relationships, and the places you live, learn, work, and play. Pretty long list, right? No worries. You can work on your Healthy Future Plan at your own pace.

The first step is to do the Generate My Healthy Future Questionnaire. It’s just 20 multiple-choice questions to start…but then after you answer each question, you may be ready to look at more information. You can…

  • Run through it all in one sitting.
  • Or, pick areas for to explore more.
  • Do it alone.
  • Do it with a peer.
  • Or, ask an adult you trust.

This resource is adaptable to how YOU decide YOU want to generate YOUR Healthy Future Plan.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan is YOUR activity. It’s not homework to be turned in to anyone else. It’s private, unless you decide to share it with an adult you trust.

READY TO Power up & start planning your healthy future?

How to Generate Your Healthy Future Plan

1. Generate My Healthy Future Questionnaire

The Questionnaire has 20 multiple-choice questions, one for each healthy future topic. You can also note if you want to talk about a topic (or topics) with a health care provider or a trusted adult.

Start the Questionnaire now: Fill it out online or download it and print it to write in your responses.

2. Generate My Healthy Future Guide

To use the Guide, go back to the Questionnaire. For each question, look at your answer. Now go to the section of the Guide with information related to your answer.

The Guide has more information about each of the 20 healthy future subjects:

  • The “101”: Brief introduction to the subject.
  • Reflect on This: List of questions for your reflection.
  • Learn More: Links to online resources to learn more.
  • Take Action: Suggested actions to take if you are ready to set a goal, make a plan for future action, or get immediate help.

There’s no harm in reading all of the information about the topic, and you can always go forward or go backward for other things to learn or do.

Have your Journal close by, to make notes or write down goals or action steps.

3. Generate My Healthy Future Journal

The Journal is your place to write down anything you want. This could be your answers to the reflection questions, a note about something you read and want to remember, a goal, an action step you will take toward that goal, and/or a reminder to ask a trusted adult or healthcare provider for help.

Complete the Journal one of two ways, online or in print.

Parents & Caring Adults:

Check out the Facilitator Companion, a tool to help you walk through the Healthy Future Plan side-by-side with an adolescent or young adult.

Youth-Supporting Professionals & Organizations:

Health professionals may want to check out the Health Educator Resources and Opportunities (HERO) Guide for suggested uses of the product in community and school settings.

We developed the Generate My Healthy Future Plan Group Activity Planning Guide (along with complementary templates ) to support organizations and agencies that wish to deliver Generate My Healthy Future Plan in a group fashion. This resource is intended to relieve organizations from having to identify on their own the hundreds of decision points large and small that are incumbent to delivering Generate My Healthy Future Plan in a group setting. Ultimately, it is our hope that this Group Activity Planning Guide will encourage many organizations that care about adolescents and young adults to take up Generate My Healthy Future Plan in service to their communities’ youth.

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Citation: Healthy Teen Network (2017). Generate my healthy future plan. Baltimore: Author.


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