Generate My Healthy Future Plan: Guide

Date: June 28, 2017

How Do I Use the Guide?

To use the Guide, go back to the Questionnaire. For each question, look at your answer. Now go to the section of the Guide with information related to your answer.

The Guide has more information about each of the 20 healthy future subjects:

  • The “101”: Brief introduction to the subject.
  • Reflect on This: List of questions for your reflection.
  • Learn More: Links to online resources to learn more.
  • Take Action: Suggested actions to take if you are ready to set a goal, make a plan for future action, or get immediate help.

There’s no harm in reading all of the information about the topic, and you can always go forward or go backward for other things to learn or do.

Have your Journal close by, to make notes or write down goals or action steps.

How Do I Generate My Healthy Future Plan?

Go to our main Generate My Healthy Future Plan webpage for the Generate My Healthy Future Guide, Journal, and more!

  • Step 1: Answer the 20 multiple-choice questions on the Questionnaire. Complete it online or print and write in your answers…it’s up to you!
  • Step 2: For each question, go to the section of the Guide that corresponds to it. (To make this easy, we have provided a page number in the Guide next to the answer boxes to each question.)
  • Step 3: Go to the Journal to write your thoughts, goals, and/or action plan.
  • Step 4: Return to the Questionnaire, Guide, and Journal when you want to look back or update your Healthy Future Plan.

Remember, you do not have to complete your Healthy Future Plan in one session. There is no final exam. No deadline. This Plan is YOUR Plan, made at your own pace!

Parents and Caring Adults:

Check out the Facilitator Companion, a tool to help you walk through the Healthy Future Plan side-by-side with an adolescent or young adult.

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Citation: Healthy Teen Network (2017). Generate my healthy future guide. Baltimore: Author.


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