Readiness for Sustaining Getting to Outcomes among Local Providers

Date: December 19, 2015

Readiness for Sustaining Getting to Outcomes® Among Local Providers: A Discussion Guide for Technical Assistance Providers offers a series of questions designed to determine how ready an organization is to sustain an innovation. This discussion guide focuses on sustaining the Getting to Outcomes evidence-based framework, however, this tool applies best practices for sustaining any innovation based on three established areas: general capacity, capacity specific to the innovation at-hand, and motivation to sustain it. This tool is geared toward technical assistance providers working with local sites implementing evidence-based or evidence-informed programming to determine their readiness to sustain the evidence-based approach Getting to Outcomes in their work.
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Citation: Lamont, A., Eisler, A., & Wandersman, A. (2014). Readiness for sustaining Getting to Outcomes® (GTO®) among local providers. Baltimore: Healthy Teen Network.


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