Show Me the Money

Date: January 6, 2015

Guide to Developing a Winning Grant Proposal

Healthy Teen Network has a record of success in securing grants and cooperative agreements, especially in the topical area of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) and the service area of capacity-building assistance (CBA). We believe that sharing the process we use to prepare our responses to program funding announcements is a useful capacity-building activity for nonprofit and public youth-supporting organizations and agencies, especially the ASRH field. 

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Show Me the Money Webinar:An Overview of Healthy Teen Network’s Guide to Developing a Winning Grant Proposal

Healthy Teen Network’s President/CEO Pat Paluzzi and policy and development expert, Bob Reeg, presented a 60-minute webinar designed to support the use of the guide and give further insight into what can often seem like a daunting and intimidating process. Access the recording here. Get the guide and check out the webinar to face the proposal development process with knowledge and confidence!

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Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2015). Show me the money: Guide to developing a winning grant proposal. Baltimore: Author.