Action Alert: Fully Fund Adolescent Sexuality Education Programs
Action Alert: Help Homeless Youth and Children
Action Alert: Pregnant and Parenting Student Access to Education Act
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Affordable Care Act Upheld
An American Frame: Teen Pregnancy and Parenting
Check out our CEO’s commentary on the Trump admin’s decision to prematurely end programs
Comparison of 2018 & 2017 PAF FOA (Table)
DACA Through the Life of One Young Man
Federal Funding Status and Forecast
Federal FY 2017 Appropriations Reaching the Finish Line
Filling the Plum Assignments
Finding Common Ground (Issue Brief)
Free Will for All?
Healthy Teen Network Takes a Stand: Position Statements on Relevant Issues
Helping Pregnant and Parenting Teens Find Adequate Housing
Helping Teens Stay Healthy and Safe: The Importance of Confidential Contraceptive Services for Teens
HHS Announces 2018 Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) Funding Opportunity
High Stakes. Big Mistake?
Honoring Senator Delores G. Kelley & Delegate Ariana Kelly for their Service
HP 2020: What the New Indicators Mean for Our Work
Huber Appointment to HHS Threatens the Health and Well-Being of Our Nation’s Young People
In Response to the President’s Forthcoming Budget Proposal
Keeping Pregnant and Parenting Students from Dropping Out: A Guide for Policymakers and Schools
Know their Rights: Advocating for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Foster Care
Know Your Audience
Lawsuits Filed to Stop Trump’s Rollback of Science-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
Monday 3/13 is Birth Control Call-In Day
Navigating the Politics of Public Health
New Opportunities to Guide Opportunity Youth to Career Opportunities!
Now What? A Public Policy Update…
One Hobby Lobby Story
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Our Policy Work: What to Expect & What You Can Do
Pintos and Cadillacs
Policy Platform to Promote Health and Success among Young Families
Position Statement: Ensuring Equity by Dismantling Racism
Position Statement: Ensuring Equity for Youth by Addressing the Intersectionality of Gender, Race, and Sexuality
Position Statement: Ensuring Equity for Youth by Applying Gender Transformative Approaches
Position Statement: Human Trafficking
Position Statement: Sexuality Education
Position Statement: Title X Family Planning Program
Position Statement: Universal Right to Health Care
Position Statement: Violence Prevention and Response Services for Youth Who Are Pregnant or Parenting
Position Statement: Violence Prevention and Response Services for Youth Who Are Pregnant or Parenting
Position Statement: Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Access
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President Obama Should Save the Adolescent Family Life Program
President’s FY 2014 Budget Request Unveiled
Preventing Teen Pregnancy Among Marginalized Youth
Priorities, Differences, and Common Ground
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Public Policy Platform for Teen Parents: Executive Summary
Public Policy Platform for Teen Parents: Suggested Action Steps
Public Policy Recommendation: Ensure Pregnant and Parenting Student Access to Education
Public Policy Recommendation: Establish Comprehensive Sexuality Education Grant Programs
Public Policy Recommendation: Fully Fund Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
Public Policy Recommendation: Summary
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So Now That “That’s” Over, What Comes Next?
Teen [Fill in the Blank] Month 2.0
The Affordable Care Act: What Can Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Teen Parenting Organizations Do Now?
The Healthcare Profession Is One of Service
The More Things Change, The More Things Stay the Same
The Stakes Remain High
The State of the Union in Teen Pregnancy Prevention
The Trump Administration Is Playing Politics With Teenagers’ Lives
Tip Sheet: Know Your Audience
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URGENT Take Action: Urge Senators to Save the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program!
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