Volt: Take Charge of Your Health!

Volt Resources for Youth-Supporting Professionals & Other Caring Adults

Volt is a Healthy Teen Network initiative to generate energy around adolescent and young adult men’s (AYAM) health and well-being. Volt seeks to increase AYAM knowledge on, access to and utilization of primary care, sexual and reproductive, and other health services. Read more about the initiative here.

Check out the Volt webpage, with related resources, designed for adolescent and young adult men, with accompanying resources for parents and caring adults.

Healthy Teen Network developed the materials for adolescent and young men, parents and caring adults (such as coaches, mentors, pastors, and youth workers), and youth-supporting professionals. The materials will position AYAM themselves and the adults who support them to improve young people’s knowledge in 20 health subjects and increase their access to and utilization of health care services.

The Volt resource suite includes:

Volt resources are available—for widespread use and without charge—at www.HealthyTeenNetwork.org/Volt.

Support dissemination of Volt with our ready-made, easy to use media kit, complete with sample announcements and social media posts.


Volt is made possible (in part) by an independent grant from Merck.

Related Products from Collaborating Partners

The 2015 Volt project was part of a larger collaboration with the Partnership for Male Youth, the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA), and the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA), and each agency’s project was an independent educational grant from Merck & Co.

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