About Us

Our Vision

Healthy Teen Network envisions a world where all adolescents and young adults lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

Healthy Teen Network promotes better outcomes for adolescents and young adults by advancing social change, cultivating innovation, and strengthening youth-supporting professionals and organizations.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Rights: A more just and equitable world supports and empowers all adolescents and young adults—including young people who are pregnant or parenting—to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Individuality: All adolescents and young adults—including young people who are pregnant or parenting—deserve respect, appreciation, and acceptance for their unique strengths, talents, and potential.
  • Youth 360°: How and where youth live, learn, and play matters … and needs to be addressed to achieve better outcomes.
  • Evidence: Evidence-based strategies and approaches are effective and efficient ways to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Innovation: Innovation is a critical component of a comprehensive strategy to respond to the dynamic lives of adolescents and young adults.
  • Youth Centered: Youth-centered strategies and approaches are critical to empower young people.
  • Access: All adolescents and young adults—including young people who are pregnant or parenting—have a right to comprehensive, developmentally and culturally appropriate, confidential support and services, including contraceptive services, and if pregnant, to full options counseling and services.

Our History

aboutUsImg_0Founded in 1979, Healthy Teen Network fosters a national community where all adolescents and young adults, including youth who are pregnant or parenting, are supported and empowered to thrive. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we serve as a leading national membership organization (501c3) for adolescent health professionals and organizations, promoting a unique and holistic perspective—our Youth 360° frame—to improve the health and well-being of young people.

We are uniquely able to impact large numbers of young people because of our holistic, collaborative approach rooted in research and enriched by our immediate links to a grassroots network of adolescent health professionals throughout our nation’s communities.


Making a Difference

Healthy Teen Network uses a collaborative, organic approach based on science and grassroots member input to provide capacity-building assistance for youth-serving professionals and organizations to improve the health and well-being of young people. Read more about how we make a difference…

What We Do

We provide capacity-building assistance for professionals and organizations in the adolescent and young adult health fields through five interrelated strategies:

  1. Capacity-Building Assistance
  2. Resource Development & Dissemination
  3. Networking
  4. Innovation & Research
  5. Public Policy & Advocacy

Who We Are

Together, our staff, our Board of Directors, and our members make up who we are…Healthy Teen Network. Our vast network consists of diverse youth-supporting professionals such as health educators, social workers, program managers, teachers, clinicians, and more.  Read more about our members, our staff, and our Board…

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