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We are uniquely able to have an impact on a large number of young people because of our holistic, collaborative approach rooted in science and enriched by our immediate links to a grassroots network of adolescent health professionals throughout our nation’s communities. We build the capacity of professionals and organizations to provide the programs, supports, and services to foster communities where all young people thrive.

At our heart, we are our members. Our strategic plan, our mission, our projects—all of our work is based on what we hear from our members, combined with the latest research, innovations, and evidence-based approaches. We are committed to assessment, evaluation, and continuous quality improvement, in order to better meet our members’ needs…and, of course, to better support and empower young people.

Our members work to ensure all adolescents and young adults, including young parents, are supported and empowered to lead healthy sexual, reproductive, and family lives. Example areas of focus include holistic health promotion, sexual and reproductive health care and services, pregnant and parenting teen supports and services, coordinated care and case management, supportive housing, and teen pregnancy, HIV, and STI (sexually transmitted infection) prevention.

Together, our staff, our Board of Directors, and our members make up who we are…Healthy Teen Network.

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