Strategic Plan

sp_final_05152013_web_Page_01Check out our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, Road Map for the Future of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, available as an online interactive presentation and a written report.

The plan is a result of conversations with adolescent, reproductive health, and social justice professionals, state leaders, researchers, funders, and high-level officials—in other words, some of the field’s best thinkers.

The plan is comprehensive, forward-thinking, and based in reality. It challenges our thinking and approaches, presents a Youth 360° frame for holistic health promotion, and uses data to support evidence-based approaches and new, research-based innovative approaches, to achieve better outcomes for all youth.

Our three goals, illustrated in the 3 overlapping circles below, provide strategies for moving ever closer to our Vision:


Our Goals
  1. We will achieve better outcomes for youth across diverse populations by promoting the Youth 360° holistic health promotion frame, incorporating social determinants of health and building collaboration.
  2. We will increase our impact by supporting evidence-based and innovative approaches, and by prioritizing populations of focus to address health disparities and social determinants.
  3. We are steadfast in our capacity-building mission, and we continues to strengthen our internal sustainability through improved structure and function, as well as promoting new methods of support for the field and organizational capacity building.

Our strategic plan is not only a sustainability map for our organization and our youth-serving professional members; it is also evidence of our commitment as an organization to the process of assessment and implementation of evidence-based best practices and strategies.

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