What We Do

We achieve our mission through 5 interrelated strategies:

1. Networking and Dissemination

We pride ourselves on supplying the adolescent and young adult health community with relevant and timely resources, research, and support to help professionals effectively reach youth. Our broad dissemination mechanisms advance the conversation and stimulate innovation.

2. Research and Evaluation

Through research and program evaluation, we lead the way in promoting innovative and evidence-based approaches, programs, and policy, and building knowledge on relevant issues.

3. Capacity-Building Assistance

We provide a wide range of skills-building, interactive capacity-building assistance—such as professional development, trainings, customized technical assistance, coaching—with high impact results for local, state, and regional organizations to improve program, organizational, and community outcomes.

4. Leader Development

As the national convener of state and local adolescent and young adult health organizations, such as the Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance, we understand the importance of and contribute to strengthening organizational sustainability, leadership development, and building coalition capacity to improve a broad array of health and well-being outcomes among youth.

5. Public Policy

We monitor youth-related policy and advocate for policy advancements supporting adolescent and young adult health, well-being, and parenting at state, local, and national levels.

How Do We Implement These Strategies?

We provide a wide range of services and resources, using varied methods of outreach, education, advocacy, and networking:
  • Annual National Conference: Our apex capacity-building event, the national conference, enables attendees to increase their capacity to implement evidence-based and innovative approaches and network with national colleagues to share best practices and strategies. For over 35 years, the Healthy Teen Network conference has been the only comprehensive annual national event to convene adolescent health professionals.
  • Training, Presentations, Technical Assistance (TA), and Other Services: We provide diverse trainings, professional development, workshops, webinar, elearning, TA, coaching services, and more, to build the capacity of youth-serving professionals.
  • Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance: We convene national network of state adolescent health leaders to support organizational capacity building, leadership development, and strategic planning for adolescent and young adult health initiatives.
  • Resources and Tools: We support the translation of research to practice with diverse resources and tools.
  • Public Policy Platform and Alerts: We provide public policy and advocacy tools, including an annual policy platform, policy alerts, and summaries of current legislative news.
  • Egram: The weekly Egram e-newsletter, an exclusive member benefit, provides a synthesis of the latest research, resources, news, and funding opportunities for adolescent health and well-being.
  • Spotlight: The monthly Spotlight e-newsletter, disseminated to the field at-large (over 3,000 constituents monthly), highlights members and best practices, current events, and tools.
  • Website: Our extensive website is a resource-rich catalog to facilitate access to each of the above services and resources.
  • Under the Currents Blog: Weekly blog posts offer diverse viewpoints, news, and resources.
  • Social Media Networking and Dissemination: We conduct ongoing social media outreach and dissemination of all capacity-building tools, resources, and news.

These extensive services build capacity in the field at-large and incorporate our commitment to evidence-based approaches, innovation, and the Youth 360° frame for holistic health promotion.

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