Generate My Healthy Future Plan Helps Youth Take Charge of Their Health

Date: February 22nd, 2018

Healthy Teen Network is pleased to release the positive study results for Generate My Healthy Future Plan. (Read the full report on the study results, or the short summary.)

Generate My Healthy Future Plan guides adolescents and young adults to think about if they want to learn more about, or make a change in their health, then make a plan to take charge of their health.

Adolescence and young adulthood is a time when individuals begin to think about what they want for their futures—completing school, the type of work or career that best suits them, perhaps forming a long-term relationship, and generally enjoying life. During adolescence and young adulthood, youth are considering their futures through self-reflection, talking with people they trust, and seeking out reliable information on their own.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan is Healthy Teen Network’s discovery and planning activity for adolescents and young adults. Depending on their readiness, youth can walk through a “choose your own adventure” style guide covering 20 health topics, to follow the next step, for further reflection, finding more information, or setting a goal and taking action. The activity can be completed individually or with a caring adult, at home or in a group setting.

Youth may complete Generate My Healthy Future Plan either independently or with the guidance of a caring adult (parent or non-parent). Generate My Healthy Future Plan resources include a Questionnaire, Guide, and Journal for youth and a Facilitator Companion for caring adults. Activity participants may access and use the resources in print or by upload to an electronic device.

A Quick Look at the Study Findings

Generate My Healthy Future Plan helps young people to take charge of their health. These findings are based on a 2017 post-test questionnaire plus follow-up telephone interview design study with 150 youth and 75 adults recruited from across the U.S.

Promotes Health Intentions

98.6% of youth participants reported that the activity helped them, or maybe helped them, take charge of their health. 81.7% of youth planned to take at least one action after completing the activity.

Builds Adult Confidence to Guide

100% of adults felt the activity and resources helped them, or maybe helped them, feel better equipped to help a young person take charge of their health.

Easy to Use

88.7% of youth and 94% of adults found the activity very easy or mostly easy.

Highly Recommended

98.6% of youth and 90.5% of adults reported they would or would maybe recommend the activity.


3 Steps to Make a Healthy Future Plan

Adolescents and young adults can generate their healthy future plan in 3 steps, on their own or with an adult:

  1. Answer 20 questions on health topics in the Questionnaire.
  2. Use the Guide to find more about a topic.
  3. Reflect or set a goal and identify action steps in the Journal.


Make It Work For You

Generate My Healthy Future Plan can be used with diverse participants in a variety of settings:

Adolescents and Young Adults

Do the activity on your own or with a peer at your own place, pace, and time.

Parents and Caring Adults

Do the activity with your own young person at your own place, pace, and time. Do the activity in one session, or over a span of weeks or months.

Organizations and Schools
  • Hold a private conversation or series of conversations on healthy futures with participants.
  • Develop a group health promotion activity (as long as the session is designed to prevent disclosure of personal health information).
  • Incorporate content, in full or in part, into life skills program or activities or health education curriculum.
  • Organize a service-learning activity for college students or community volunteers to do the activity with peers or a partner community or school site.
  • Organize a group activity for youth-adult pairs to have healthy future conversations.

Resources to Support You

We’ve compiled a comprehensive set of resources to support you in using the Generate My Healthy Future Plan. The Facilitator Companion helps caring adults, each step of the plan. Host a Generate My Healthy Future Plan event using the Group Activity Planning Guide, with detailed step-by-step instructions as well as templates.

Interested but not sure how to do it all? We can support you, or we can plan and deliver the activity for you. Let us know how we can help you!
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