How Did We Come to Work in Sexual Health?

Date: April 28th, 2017

Healthy Teen Network

Working in sexual health can be a quirky field for some people and it’s not uncommon for us at Healthy Teen Network to be chatting with someone and they’ll ask, “That’s interesting! How did you end up working in sexual health?”

And they’re right: It would be pretty unusual for a small child to tell their parents they want to grow up to, say, train on sex education programs!

All of us at Healthy Teen Network have ended up in our current positions through many different avenues. Listen below to hear how we came to our current positions and to hear what we might be doing if we had to pick something else.

What about you? How did you get to this unique field?

Alex EislerAlexandra Eisler, Manager, Capacity Building & Evaluation


Bob ReegBob Reeg, Program Development and Policy Consultant


Mila GarridoMilagros Garrido, Associate Director, Innovation & Research


Shanise Taylor, Administrative & Executive Coordinator, Finance & Operations


Janet MaxJanet Max, Vice President


Alison Tomai FelsenAllison Tomai Felsen, Coordinator, Marketing & Communications


Carol PartnonenCarol Partonen, Accounting Associate, Finance & Operations


Durryle BrooksDurryle Brooks, Trainer/Instructional Designer, Capacity Building & Evaluation


Deborah Chilcoat, Senior Manager, Capacity Building & Evaluation


Yewande OlugbadeYewande Olugbade, Research Associate, Innovation & Research


Pat PaluzziPat Paluzzi, President & CEO


Valerie Sedivy, Senior Manager & Evaluator, Capacity Building & Evaluation


Nick SufrinkoNick Sufrinko, Digital Health Communication Specialist, Innovation & Research


Kelly ConnellyKelly Connelly, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications


Genevieve Martinez GarciaGenevieve Martínez-García, Director, Innovation & Research


Gina Desiderio,
Director, Marketing & Communications

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