The Innovation-Research Conundrum

Date: February 8th, 2018

Genevieve Martínez-García

How can we get innovative yet effective practices and products into the hands of the end user faster and more efficiently?

As the Director of Innovation and Research, I work at the intersection of these two fields. On one hand, I want to create new products and move them to the end user immediately to rapidly respond to their needs. But as a researcher I want to make sure I have good evidence that my products work.

Check out my video blog post, in two parts, as I reflect on our experience designing and testing Crush.

So what are YOU doing to balance the needs for innovation and sound research to better serve the youth in your community?

…Coming Summer 2018…


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About the Author

Dr. Genevieve Martínez-García, Director of Innovation and Research at Healthy Teen Network, is a health educator committed to bringing innovation to the field of sexual and reproductive health. She has over 14 years of experience researching adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues such as mHealth, fertility, social determinants of health, cultural and economic barriers to health care access among minority populations, health media literacy, characteristics of programs for pregnant and parenting teens, and Latino youth pregnancy intentions.

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