Pat Paluzzi’s “Audacious Idea” about Teen Dads

Date: March 19th, 2012

Pat Paluzzi

I recently contributed to Open Society-Baltimore‘s Audacious Ideas blog with some thoughts on teen fathers. Here’s an excerpt:

Teen parents are a much maligned group. We often blame them for their “choice” of becoming a teen parent and then for all of the untoward outcomes that can follow. Our blame, however, is short sighted and wrongly placed. Why some teens become parents is a complicated issue with social inequality and poverty at the heart of the matter.

Most teen parents however, regardless of why they became parents, want to do what is right by their children. They are often more motivated after birth to complete their education and being a good parent is a goal for both teen mothers and fathers. For teen dads however, no matter how motivated, staying involved in their children’s lives can be challenging…

Read the rest here.

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Patricia Paluzzi, CNM, DrPH, President and CEO of Healthy Teen Network, has been active in the fields of reproductive, and maternal and child health for over 40 years, as a clinician, researcher, administrator, and advocate. Her clinical and content expertise spans the full scope of midwifery care, substance abuse, intimate partner violence, high-risk maternal child health (including pregnant teens), incorporating men into clinical services, and trauma-informed approaches.

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