Spotlight on Young Fathers

Date: June 5th, 2014

When it comes to teen parenting, too often young fathers are left out of the conversation. Any time is the right time to make sure that teen fathers’ rights, needs, and roles are considered, but with Father’s Day right around the corner, the time is ideal to shine a spotlight on these resources from Healthy Teen Network, which were created specifically with the needs of young fathers in mind.

Advocacy Resource Guide: Supporting Young Fathers
This guide explores how professionals who work with young fathers can help them to be there for their new families by first helping them to develop as individuals. This includes providing support to continue with their education, assistance with obtaining employment, as well as fostering their emotional development with the goal of adopting a positive, male parent identity. This guide also includes opportunities for health care providers and some key focus areas for young fathers’ programs to address.

Fast Facts: Unique Needs of Young Fathers
While teen fatherhood appears to be associated with similar consequences to those observed for teen mothers, most national programs serving low-income families focus on mothers rather than fathers. Recently, attempts to include young fathers in services have increased, but relatively few programs for young fathers exist. This fact sheet includes statistics and other information on young fathers, including the research gap on the subject and risk factors related to this population. 

The Core Components of Supportive Housing for Pregnant & Parenting Teens
The identification of the core components provides guidance for supportive housing programs to meet the needs of pregnant and parenting teens by providing the supports and resources needed to help them succeed. 

A BDI Logic Model for Working with Young Families Resource Kit
In response to a need voiced by professionals working with young families, Healthy Teen Network designed a Behavior-Determinant-Intervention (BDI) Logic Model for Working with Young Families in collaboration with various professionals in the field.

Fast Facts: Supporting Young Male Involvement in Pregnancy Prevention & Parenting
This fact sheet explores the benefits of targeting boys and young men specifically in order to reduce teen pregnancy and early, unintended fatherhood and to promote the development of positive relationships between young fathers and their children.

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