Welcome (again!), Ella

Date: July 30th, 2020

Ella Dorval Hall

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to the Healthy Teen Network team, Ella Dorval Hall.

She has served as an intern and consultant with us for the past year and proved to be so valuable that we begged her to join us. Ella will serve as a Capacity Building Specialist, working on instructional designs, producing virtual events, training, technical assistance, and general support. Ella brings a wide range of experience to her work, from communications, to firefighting, project management, working with young people, and much more.

Ella Dorval Hall dove headfirst into her career in sexuality when she barreled at full speed into the question, “Why don’t we learn about sexual pleasure?” Soon came other questions, like, “How has this impacted me, and other people?” and in the absence of learning about pleasure, “What ARE we learning about sex?” Ella’s collision into these questions gave birth to a sexual health website, where she used storytelling to share essential, honest information and cultivate a healthier relationship with sexuality.

Ella’s approach has always been rooted in understanding how systemic, cultural, and personal factors impact a person’s sexual health, and she strongly believes in putting the experiences of young people at the center of her work.

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