When Opportunity Knocks: Making the Most of Teachable Moments

Date: December 14th, 2017

Gina Desiderio

As sex educators, when we talk to parents, we often get asked, “How can I make sure my teen doesn’t get pregnant or get an STI?” While prevention is important, try flipping the conversation. As a parent or caring adult, it’s important to ask, “How can I best support my teen to grow to be a healthy adult who has healthy relationships?”

We recently participated in MediaPlanet’s Teen Health & Safety campaign to shine a light on adolescent health. The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY on December 8th, 2017 and is also published online

We shared a post with five tips on how parents can make the most of teachable moments to support healthy decision-making. Read the five tips here.

Fore more resources check out our tool, Generate My Healthy Future Plan, to help parents and caring adults initiate these conversations and discuss many health topics.

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About the Author

Gina Desiderio, Healthy Teen Network Director of Communications, has over 10 years of capacity-building and project management experience, supporting professionals to provide programs and services to empower youth to thrive.

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