What Is Our Approach to Capacity Building?

The Healthy Teen Network approach to capacity-building assistance (CBA) can best be understood through our three core tenets that are infused into and inform our CBA: our approach is 1) holistic, 2) human-centered, and 3) guided by a systematic framework. We use this approach to build capacity because it works, and when it works, i.e., builds capacity, our recipients are better able to sustain their projects, implement quality programs with youth, and achieve better health outcomes for youth.


Holistic: For the same reasons Healthy Teen Network promotes the holistic health promotion model of Youth 360⁰ to better support and empower young people, we apply a 360⁰ approach to CBA. Our perspective for providing CBA is holistic, considering the four spheres of influence—individual, relationships, community, and societal. Professionals implement youth programs, and their personal experiences, expertise, values, knowledge, skills, attitudes, style, commitment to ASRH, and so much more, influence how they will implement programs.

Human-Centered: We employ a human-centered style in providing CBA by ensuring the needs of the CBA recipient— an individual and/or team— drive the CBA goal and plan, while ensuring the performance measures of the funder and needs for the project are being met. Our human-centered style ensures the CBA we provide is more effective. We always dedicate time upfront to building a relationship and establishing trust between the CBAP and recipient. We build this relationship by being professional, approachable (i.e., friendly, conversational, non-punitive, and using appropriate humor), easily accessible (i.e., readily available via phone, email, and events), and responsive (i.e., responding to needs in a reasonable timeframe). (Read more on our human-centered approach.)

Systematic: We provide evidence-based, high impact CBA by using a comprehensive, systematic frameworkour CBA method—based on Getting to Outcomes (GTO). This systematic method allows us to identify and prioritize CBA needs, and based on project requirements, capacities, and funding levels, we then identify the appropriate CBA to meet those needs. We develop a project-level plan to meet the range of CBA needs for all grantees. We develop individual proactive CBA plans when HiCBA is warranted. With the recipient, we plan and agree upon CBA goals, objectives, and activities, and then we develop a written CBA Plan to deliver the HiCBA. We monitor progress in attaining CBA objectives, and the plan is reviewed regularly (e.g., monthly) by both

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