What Are Our Clients Saying About Our Services?


Have You Heard?

Past training participants attest to our high-quality level of capacity-building assistance and experienced staff who deliver a customized experience to meet your unique needs.

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  • “I always enjoy Healthy Teen Network trainings because I know I will learn what is needed to facilitate a training or group.”
  • “The trainings are always well organized, fun, and the trainers are open for suggestions. As always, the energy is always positive and energetic!”
  • “I think the webinar was excellent. I especially enjoyed the interactive sections, which help alleviate the ‘brain buzzing’ that sometimes occurs with webinars that run over an hour. I look forward to other webinars from you in the future.”
  • “The webinar was thorough and helpful in understanding a difficult subject…the training gave me a good foundation to pull from.”
  • “I consider Healthy Teen Network a ‘pioneer’ ‘expert’ agency in the field, and you demonstrated that! “
  • “I could watch the trainers model how they were making changes on the fly, responding to participants, that sort of thing, and that was a learning experience for me, as a trainer, too.”
  • “I really enjoy the high caliber way Healthy Teen Network trains on curricula.”
  • “The training has been helpful and allowed for everyone to share and be heard. Thank you!”
  • “I really enjoyed the small group teachbacks–great way to promote discussion.”
  • “This training has been great, and I feel confident in being able to deliver this curriculum and even apply it to the other work I do with teens.”
  • “It was very well done, well organized, well executed.”
  • “Excellent facilitator. You used your time well and the information and interaction was great!”
  • “I truly enjoyed and gained useful knowledge.”
  • “This training was GREAT, very fun and informative, and it will be useful in my work”
  • “Excellent team facilitation!”
  • “The trainers were really approachable, asking what we were thinking, sharing ideas.”

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