What Services Do We Provide

We provide a full range of services across a breadth of subject matter expertise, for diverse audiences such as adolescents, young adults, parents and caregivers, and adult professionals.

Types of Services

Areas of subject matter expertise include a multitude of topics, but if you are looking for something more specific, don’t hesitate to ask. To illustrate the services we provide, we have some examples of past projects.

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More About Our Services

Workshops, Presentations, and Trainings

Healthy Teen Network staff conducts workshops and presentations, typically one to three hours in length, designed to increase knowledge and change attitudes, for a professional audience.

Trainings are one- or multi-day sessions, designed to build skills as well as increase knowledge and change attitudes, among a professional audience. Healthy Teen Network routinely designs and delivers advanced training to support the implementation of curricula, or to train future trainers, to support long-term sustainability and capacity.

All trainings and workshop presentations begin with a preliminary assessment of participants’ knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors to inform each design. We believe it is essential to set goals and objectives collaboratively so the event is customized to meet the unique needs of the audience.

Beyond presentations and trainings, trainings-of-educators/facilitators (TOE/TOF) prepare trainees to facilitate, or implement, a curriculum or program. Trainings-of-trainer, or TOT, provide time for trainees to practice new skills and observe others as well. TOTs differ from presentations or trainings because TOTs are designed for participants who are trainers and will ultimately facilitate the learned presentation or training.

Healthy Teen Network staff can help you prepare to implement evidence-based programs and interventions (EBP, EBI), as well as other promising and innovative sex education curricula programs. See the full list of our program and curricula expertise.


Technical Assistance (TA) and Coaching

Structured, goal-oriented, and ongoing TA and coaching is a significant part of support and learning. Through its past projects, Healthy Teen Network has learned and honed its capacity to deliver high-quality, effective TA and coaching, and we ensure that these services are responsive to need, anticipate need, data informed, and result in attainment of skills. This kind of skills-building TA and coaching can be more clearly defined as proactive TA and coaching.

Healthy Teen Network provides proactive and reactive TA and coaching, designed as informal individual or group sessions, taking place in person (via site visits), on the phone, or online, over a set period of time, to build skills as well as increase knowledge and change attitudes.

Elearning Modules

The Compass is our Learning Management System (LMS), or elearning portal, and is available to host elearning. Elearning, as distance learning, extends the potential reach for capacity-building services. Elearning may be provided in various forms, including e-learning modules, webinars, cluster calls, resource and tool sharing, and conference calls. Previously recorded webinars are listed here.

Communities of Practice (CoP)

Through the Compass, our online Learning Management System (LMS), we host online Communities of Practice (CoP), using communal learning, expertise, and knowledge to achieve shared goals. The key elements and features of the web-based, interactive CoP are specifically developed to meet the needs of clients based on baseline assessments of needs and capacity. Capacity-building assistance and peer support activities through the CoP can include cluster calls, web-based meetings, wikis (i.e., a website where users add, modify, or delete content to collaborative develop a resource), a discussion forum, and a resource sharing page.

Meetings, Conferences, Advisory Groups, Keynote Addresses, Expert Panels, and Plenaries

We have the capacity to lead, convene, coordinate, facilitate, conduct, and participate in meetings, conferences, and advisory groups across a wide variety of topics. As a leading expert in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health, Healthy Teen Network staff routinely participates as members on expert panels and provides keynote addresses on a wide variety of related topics. For 35 years, Healthy Teen Network has coordinated the content development as well as event logistics and support for its annual national conference, including the arrangement of keynotes and plenaries, liaising with diverse, multisectoral speakers.

Site Monitoring

We have developed various site monitoring management plans, including observations, interviews, and reviews of resources. We document findings in a final report, summarizing strengths and recommendations for improvement, for the client, funder, and other potential audiences. Site monitoring supports ensuring the site is in compliance with the funder’s project guidelines and requirements and/or maintaining program fidelity.

Strategic Planning

We support organizations to establish priorities and identify ways to better serve the needs of their constituents (i.e., community or priority population). We can facilitate the development of practical strategic plans to serve as a guide to implement programs and services, evaluate efforts, and start new initiatives.

Assessment and Environmental Scans

We support the systematic assessment of current community assets, services, and programs, identifying recommendations and suggestions to strengthen strategies. We can facilitate the development of a clear pathway to meet goals and outcomes, building a shared vision for change.

Evaluation Support

Our research and evaluation staff members have the capacity to design, conduct, report, and provide training, TA, and coaching on a broad scope of evaluation needs, including

  • needs and resource assessments using multiple data collection methods and approaches (e.g., secondary analysis, collecting new data);
  • qualitative and qualitative data analysis, including multivariate analysis and reporting;
  • design and implementation of evaluation plans; quantitative and qualitative data collection tools and methods; and participant assessment, fidelity monitoring, and observation protocols and tools;
  • continuous quality improvement (CQI) analysis and implementation.

Public Policy, Advocacy, Analysis, and Assessment

We advocate for policy advancements supporting adolescent and young adult health and well-being at the federal level, while also monitoring and drawing attention to specific state-level activities. We are committed to promoting legislation and policy initiatives that support adolescents and young adults to access the services and education that allow them to make responsible choices about their health and well-being by providing information and insight on relevant public policy; analysis of legislation; advocacy on Capitol Hill; involvement with committees; and across collaborations with other organizations.

Resource and Tool Development

Healthy Teen Network can provide the services and/or TA to develop a wide range of resources, reports, guides, tools, and other materials to translate research into practice, for direct service providers, teachers, community-based leaders, board members, case managers, project managers, social workers, clinicians, and more.

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