How will you continuously improve the quality of the program (CQI)?

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) strategies include using process and outcome evaluation data to make necessary changes to improve your program moving forward.  Regularly consider feedback from evaluation information in order to improve your program’s future contributions. Encourage your staff and participants to be a part of the learning circle, in which everyone is open to sharing, learning, and continuously working to make the program better. Keep in mind, during this time, the results from your process and outcome evaluation will help most.

What if I am already implementing a program?

If you are looking to improve or expand an existing program, use the CQI strategies to document successful program activities and assess the unsuccessful activities. Also, identify the areas that may need improvement, while also creating and implementing strategies for improvement. (See also: Framework)

Benefits of CQI

Continuous quality improvement can help note the successes and challenges you’ve encountered, help examine how well your program is achieving its goals and desired outcomes, as well as help gather all the information you have available and work with your staff to review the CQI findings

Tasks for CQI

  1. Document successful program activities which help ensure future successful implementation.
  2. Assess what did not work well overall or for specific groups.
  3. Identify areas for improvement.
  4. Create strategies for improvement.
  5. Increase buy-in within your organization by soliciting and acting on the suggestions of program staff.

What’s Next?


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