If your program is successful, how will it be sustained?
This is where you make certain that your program is set up to continuously be offered. Continue to practice the methods that were most successful. Unfortunately, one of the realities you will face is that even successful programs may not continue because funding gets cut. There are several strategies to ensure your program is secure over time including:
  • Program financing: obtain new external funding
  • Program champions: obtain an influential program advocate or champion to generate goodwill
  • Training: train staff so they continue to provide programming and train others
  • Institutional strength: work to maintain organizational capacities and use your Board
  • Integration with existing programs/services and managing controversy: carefully and thoughtfully approach controversy
What if I am already implementing a program?

If you are looking to improve or expand an existing program you should develop a sustainability plan. Start discussions with your organizational leaders, program partners and key community members about sustaining the program. Identify respected, influential people to promote the program and lastly, have clear strategies in place for gradual financial self-sufficiency. (See also: Framework: Overview of 10 Steps)

 Benefits to Sustainability

All programs can benefit from a sustainability plan—funding is always an issue.

Tasks to Support Sustainability
  1. Identify and implement ways to sustain practices that are effective in your community.
  2. Use your program planning and development work to develop good materials to market your program to those who can help sustain it.
  3. Develop and implement a sustainability plan:
  • Brainstorm any other ideas you have for building sustainability of your program.
  • Decide which strategies to use.
  • Decide who will be responsible for carrying out each of the strategies.
  • Even though sustainability is a continuous process, make a plan for when activities will be carried out.

 What’s Next?


That’s right…it is a circular process, and once you’ve completed your implementation and CQI process, in order to continue to achieve outcomes, you should revisit the assessment of needs and resources.

What If I’m Not Ready for This Step?



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