Training and Support: Digital Studio Services

Date: February 4, 2020

Our Digital Studio services combine human-centered design with new technologies to help you widen geographical reach, connect with your target audience, and save time and
money. Looking for training or support with social media recruitment, digital focus groups, internet advertising, app development, data visualization, and more? We’ve got you covered!

Ignite recruitment with social media

Done right, social media has the potential to reach thousands of future research and program participants. Digital Studio pairs creative advertising with continuous data analyses to deliver powerful and effective recruitment campaigns. Digital Studio can support your recruitment needs in a variety of ways from training your staff to develop effective ads to designing your next recruitment campaign.

Electrify learning with digital education

The brave, new world of webinars, games, podcasts, simulations, immersive experiences, are poised to forever change the way people learn and organizations teach. Digital Studio creates educational products that improve learning and are easier than ever for everyone to use. Digital Studio can help your organization in a variety of ways from identifying opportunities for digital education to translating content into an interactive and engaging elearning course.

Spark behavior change with new media

Engaging animations, short-term videos, and multi-media phone messaging have the potential to grab attention and trigger behavior change. Whether it’s a mobile app, animation, or a game, Digital Studio combines behavior change theory, human-centered design, and new technologies to support the behavioral outcomes central to your mission. Digital Studio can support your team in a variety of ways from infusing your existing social media presence with theory-based behavior change messaging to designing, managing, and evaluating a brand new multimedia intervention.

Illuminate data for every audience

Human eyes are able to absorb, view, and grasp vast amounts of information more easily through visuals and images than text and numerical figures. Digital Studio combines data visualization techniques and design to beat data fatigue and create visually engaging materials that provide actionable insights. Digital Studio can help you to integrate creative ways to effectively communicate complex research and program findings quickly and clearly. From visualizing quantitative data to designing infographics, Digital Studio can help revamp your research presentation materials.

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