What is the Center?

Healthy Teen Network founded the Center for Evidence and Innovation to provide the necessary capacity-building training and resources to ensure our nation’s young people are empowered to lead healthy sexual and reproductive lives. The Center is central to our Mission and Strategic Plan.


The goal of the Center is to uphold high quality adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs and services for young people by ensuring professionals and organizations are ready and able to use evidence and innovation.


We provide a wide range of services with high impact results for professionals and organizations: we can build capacity to improve program and organizational outcomes and promote sustainability. Our staff possess a broad and deep level of expertise across the expansive breadth of adolescent health and well-being. Services can be customized to meet your unique needs.

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Why do we need the Center?

Research tells us that teachers, social workers, healthcare providers, and other professionals who receive support—such as training, technical assistance, elearning, weekly updates and digests, continuing education opportunities, networking and access to colleagues doing similar work—are better able to do their jobs (Chinman, Acosta, Ebener, Malone, & Slaughter, 2016; House, Tevendale, & Martínez-García, 2017). And when professionals are better prepared, we see more positive outcomes for young people (Chinman, Acosta, Ebener, Malone, & Slaughter, 2018); Barfield, Warner, & Kappeler, 2017; Romero, Olaiya, Hallum-Montes, Varnasi, Mueller, House, & Middleton, 2017; Sotolongo, House, Swanson, & Davis, 2017).


The Center fills the vacuum left in the absence of public funding, providing the necessary trainings and resources to ensure our nation’s young people continue to receive quality sex education and access to services and are empowered to lead healthy sexual and reproductive lives.

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How do I use the Center?

Use the Center to access the resources you need to support your work. We leverage the efficiency of elearning (or, distance learning) to make it easy to access capacity-building assistance.

You can navigate the Center by topic (select 1 of the 4 rectangles above), or you can use the Search function (select the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the page) to look for specific topics

The Center is organized around 4 core areas critical to using evidence and developing innovative solutions:

  1. Step-By-Step: Research & Implementation
  2. Youth 360°: How & Where Youth Live, Learn, & Play Matters
  3. Maintaining a Spotlight: Advocating for Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health
  4. Building Capacity: Organizational & Professional Development
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Who do I ask for help?

Want to know more or ask about customized capacity-building assistance? Email us to start a conversation about how we can meet your unique needs!

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Thank you to our Center supporters!

The Center for Evidence & Innovation is supported by many individual, public, and private donors.

Thank you to our generous supporters for standing strong to support & empower young people to thrive!

Donations help us ensure youth-supporting professionals receive the critical training and resources they need. Donate now.

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