Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance

groupThe Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance, or the Alliance, is a network of state leaders focused on adolescent sexual/reproductive health, including youth who are pregnant/parenting, that meets at least twice yearly with Healthy Teen Network to share strategies, insights, and concerns with the goal of influencing the field. The Alliance provides a supportive voice in the adolescent sexual and reproductive health field.

In recognition of the significant role of state coalition/organization leaders and the synergy that results in forming a network, Healthy Teen Network convened the first meeting of the State and Local Coalition Training and Advisory Group (SLCTAG) in 2000. Since then, Alliance members have continued to meet at least annually and membership has grown in numbers and influence, making significant gains in areas such as policy and framing.

Are you the President or Executive Director of a state or regional organization? Interested in joining in the Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance? Contact us for more information on how to join the Alliance.

Guiding Principles

The Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance offers current and emerging leaders of state adolescent sexual and reproductive health coalitions and organizations a collaborative group where members can meet in a proactive, respectful, supportive, and inclusive environment.  Meeting agendas are tailored and customized to meet member needs.  The Alliance culture is honest, transparent, affirming, egalitarian, and a responsive fellowship/partnership.

Roles of State Coalitions and Organizations in States

Statewide coalitions and organizations focused on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and/or parenting bridge funding, policy, programs and innovation in these areas. The goal of the Alliance is to coordinate and sustain effective strategies across the states and local communities to 1) support adolescent sexual and reproductive health; 2) provide meaningful support to teen parents and their families; and 3) help create communities where all young people thrive.

We, the members of the Healthy Teen Leadership Alliance…

  1. Know how to monitor the quality of program implementation.
  2. Convene, partner, and collaborate with:
  • Schools;
  • State agencies;
  • Faith-based communities;
  • Businesses;
  • Other youth-serving agencies and coalitions;
  • Regions within states;
  • Regional and local coalitions; and
  • Communities at large.
  1. Have media contact on our issues and respond to various crises.
  2. Advocate for legislative support for adolescent sexual/reproductive health and young families.
  3. Know funders in our states.
  4. Are familiar with key community constituents.
  5. Value school collaborations and may partner with school districts for program implementation and evaluation.
  6. Are our states’ experts on policy, sex education programs, the texture and make-up of communities and local politics.
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