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COVID Love* Stories

hilarious, devastating, awkward, frustrating, and fun moments of love and intimacy during a global pandemic

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January 8, 2021

COVID Love* Stories is our nationwide campaign that gathers and shares young people’s stories of love and intimacy during the global pandemic. We created this campaign to support adolescent development in this unprecedented time by promoting real, tangible ways youth and young adults can begin, build, maintain, and even end intimate relationships while physically distanced. 

The stories are real and unfiltered, straight from the young people.

We believe in keeping youth at the center of our work, so the campaign is built around their real, unfiltered stories. As part of the campaign, so far, approximately ninety 14- to 24-year-olds shared with us their most hilarious, devastating, awkward, frustrating, and fun moments.

COVID Love* Stories is available now on our Instagram channel, @HealthyTeenNetwork. We will continue to gather and share more stories through February 2021. 

Follow along with these stories and more on our Instagram channel, @HealthyTeenNetwork. 

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