How do you DO Youth 360⁰?

Date: October 8th, 2015

Share your story to be featured in the Spotlight!

What are you doing to integrate 360⁰ in your work? Share your story for a chance to be featured in the Healthy Teen Network Spotlight.

Youth 360⁰ the frame Healthy Teen Network developed to make it easier to talk about & understand the importance of the social determinants & a holistic approach to health promotion. Read more about Youth 360⁰ here.

In other words…

  •  How are you working to incorporate the social determinants of health in your programs & services?
  •  How do you address factors beyond individual behavior, to consider factors at the relationship, community, &/or societal spheres?
  •  How do you partner & collaborate to leverage your resources for a holistic approach?
  •  How do you move beyond silos of funding to address adolescent health & well-being?
  •  How do you provide wraparound services, transitional care, &/or linkages/referrals for care?
  •  How do you promote holistic adolescent health & well-being?
  •  How do you promote, beyond prevention & risk reduction, sex-positive, comprehensive sexuality education, in support of adolescent development & healthy sexual, reproductive, & family lives?
  •  How do you promote positive, inclusive messages for pregnant & parenting teens, without shaming, blaming, or stigmatizing them?

Share how you DO Youth 360⁰ in this short (3-4 minutes) survey for a chance to be featured in the Healthy Teen Network Spotlight. The Spotlight is our monthly newsletter emailed to more than 3,000 subscribers, made up of professionals and caring adults who work to support and empower adolescents to thrive. We want to hear about your projects, programs, and services, so that we can share your outstanding work on this national platform.


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