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Now Recruiting New Board Members!

Will you join us?

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March 18, 2023

Do you dream of a world where all adolescents and young adults lead healthy and fulfilling lives?

Do you believe that every young person has the right to live their authentic sexuality?

Do you want to support youth-supporting professionals and organizations?

Healthy Teen Network promotes better outcomes for adolescents and young adults by advancing social change, cultivating innovation, and strengthening youth-supporting professionals and organizations.

Will you join us in supporting our mission and vision?

The Healthy Teen Network Board of Directors is currently recruiting additional board members to join us in supporting our mission and vision.

From Our Board Members

Our Board Members have shared some of the reasons why they love being a Healthy Teen Network Board Member:

“I like being on the Healthy Teen Network Board because I enjoying supporting an organization that is directly concerned with the sexual health and safety of our young people.”

—Brina Bolden

“I am proud to serve on the Healthy Teen Network Board because it allows you a great view of an organization that is truly mobilized to advocate for, support, and educate the workforce about sexual and reproductive rights for young people. As a social worker, I am proud to support this organization, as they live the mission of supporting youth.”

—Rhoda Smith

” Being a Healthy Teen Network Board Member has provided a forum to do what I enjoy: helping teens. It has given me the opportunity to network and exchange with like-minded entities and individuals, sharing ideas and methods that facilitate positive outcomes in our collective efforts to educate, strengthen, and escort our teens into adulthood, self-sufficiency, and stability. I enjoy working with my fellow board members…We are family!”

—Valerie Parker

“I am proud to serve on the Healthy Teen Network Board because when I was working directly with foster youth as a social worker, I looked to Healthy Teen Network for information and guidance about adolescent health. I love that I get to help Healthy Teen Network make sure professionals have resources and opportunities to improve their skills.”

—Monica Faulkner

“I am proud to serve on the Healthy Teen Network Board because of the satisfaction of being part of an organization that promotes positive and constructive solutions to the challenges facing adolescent health.”

—Tony Vela 

“I am proud to serve on the Healthy Teen Network Board because I am a strong advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights for all youth, and I am able to support committed, passionate, and dedicated staff who place youth at the center of all their work. I value working alongside youth and adults as partners to align efforts and achieve positive health outcomes for all young people, so that they can reach their full potential.”

—Shannon Rauh

At this time, we are seeking individuals to join our board who fall into at least one of the categories below:

  1. Individuals with diverse life experiences and/or personal identities
  2. Professionals with experience in communications, marketing, fundraising, or accounting
  3. Individuals who have lived experience as a young parent
  4. Youth-serving professionals

If you are interested in talking with a current board member about the possibility of serving on our Board, please complete the form. A board member will be in touch with you to schedule a conversation with you. (Need more information? Check out our About and Board pages.)

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At Healthy Teen Network, we believe that every young person has a right to live their authentic sexuality. And we see you, the professionals and caring adults, helping them do this. We know you do your best when you're connected to great opportunities and resources. That's why we're here...to help make those connections and support you. Read more about us.