Updated 2017 Public Policy Positions Now Available!

Date: June 7th, 2017

We’ve recently updated our public policy recommendations. Check out our summary of public policy recommendations and our recommendation to fully fund teen pregnancy prevention.

Healthy Teen Network takes positions on public policies and public policy proposals of importance to adolescents, young adults, their families, and their communities. These resources are updated to include topics of health promotion, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and support for young people who are pregnant or parenting:

Health PromotionCapitol building
  • Preserve Federal Capacity to Ensure Social Determinants of Health
  • Expand and Protect Medicaid
Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Fully Fund Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
  • Fully Fund Reproductive Health Services Programs
Support for Young People Who Are Pregnant or Parenting
  • Ensure Pregnant and Parenting Student Access to Education
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