Generate My Healthy Future: A Resource for Parents & Caring Adults to Use with Adolescents

The Healthy Teen Network resource,

Generate My Healthy Future Plan,

can help you start the conversation!

Help the young person in your life power up for a healthy future!

Generate My Healthy Future Plan is an activity with tools for adolescents and young adults ages 13 through 24 to uncover the health and well-being matters of greatest interest to them and then point them to resources for more information or to suggestions for action taking. The activity guides youth to consider their readiness to learn more about or make a change in 20 healthy future subjects. The youth’s self-assessed readiness for change guides them to a next step, which could be further reflection, gathering more information, or setting a goal and taking action.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan will help adolescents and young adults think about their lives, decide what they like about their lives right now, what they wish were different, and plan for a healthy future. The resource will help adolescents and young adults focus on what’s going on with their bodies, minds, relationships, and the places they live, learn, work, and play. At the conclusion of the Generate My Healthy Future Plan activity, adolescents and young adults will have in their possession a written “game plan” for establishing, maintaining, or sustaining a life of health and well-being.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan is a highly adaptable activity. It is suitable for a single youth-adult pair, one adult supporting multiple adolescents and young adults through a group process, or many youth-adult pairs completing the activity simultaneously. Older adolescents and young adults may desire to complete the activity independently.

Caring adults may implement the activity with any adolescents and young adults between ages 13 and 24. Caring adults may recruit youth from and deploy the activity in a variety of settings including family homes; group residential facilities; school classrooms; school-based and community health centers; comprehensive youth development agencies; general population or youth-specific health promotion programs; faith congregations or youth ministries; and neighborhood youth centers and grassroots programs.

Participants may complete the full activity in one session or complete it over multiple sessions. Participants may choose to focus on all healthy future subjects or only those of prominence for the adolescents and young adults. The activity may be completed one time only or repeatedly throughout the youth’s adolescence.

Health professionals should visit the Health Educator Resources and Opportunities (HERO) Guide for suggested uses of the product in community and school settings.

Completion of the Generate My Healthy Future Plan  activity requires three documents (the Questionnaire, the Guide, and the Journal). We’ve also created a Facilitator’s Companion to help you guide your young person through the Plan. (The documents can be printed and completed manually or downloaded, saved, and typed for completion.)

Generate My Healthy Future Plan resources:

Generate My Healthy Future Plan Questionnaire

The young person completes this Questionnaire consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions, one for each healthy future subject. The questions prompt the adolescents and young adults to self-assess their stage of readiness to change knowledge about or take action on each healthy future subject.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan Guide

The Guide has more information about each of the 20 healthy future subjects:

  1. The “101”: Brief introduction to the subject
  2. Reflect on This: List of questions for your reflection
  3. Learn More: Links to online resources to learn more
  4. Take Action: Suggested actions to take if you are ready to set a goal, make a plan for future action, or get immediate help

Generate My Healthy Future Plan Journal

The young person uses the Journal to write down and keep track of, or return to anything they wish. This could be their answers to the reflection questions, a note about something they read and want to remember, a goal, an action step they will take toward that goal, and/or a reminder to ask a caring adult or health care provider for help. The caring adult may also keep their own Journal of follow-up reading or actions resulting from the youth-adult conversation.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan Facilitator Companion

The caring adult uses the Facilitator Companion to lead the interview with the adolescents and young adults. The Facilitator Companion includes background information about the activity, instructions for conducting the activity, scripts for delivering information to or prompting dialogue with the adolescents and young adults, and lists of resources for the adolescents and young adults or the caring adult for more information or to get help.


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