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Social Norms & Culture: Honoring Experiences & Perspectives

We hope to see you in Baltimore, October 2-4, 2017, for our annual national conference!

Social norms and culture are powerful influencers on our individual experiences and perspectives. They affect every facet of our personal and professional life—our attitudes and outlook, who and what we value, dismiss, embrace, and fear.

Now is the time for the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health to come together, have a genuine conversation, and honor all things that make us who we are and shape our unique perspectives. Let’s explore how race, gender identity, religious and spiritual beliefs, age, science and evidence, sexual orientation, laws and policies, geography, technology, ethnic heritage, traditions, economics, and other facets of social norms and culture impact our work with young people, adolescents and young adults who are pregnant and/or parenting, professional colleagues, policymakers, and organizations.