Generate My Healthy Future Plan: Study Results, 2017

Date: January 2, 2018

In 2017, Healthy Teen Network conducted a study of Generate My Healthy Future Plan to examine the utility of the activity for adolescents, young adults, and caring adults.

Overall, study participants indicated high satisfaction with the activity and resources in their current form, finding it easy, comfortable to do (alone or with another), appealing in theme and look, and of a good length. Participants preferred both paper and online options for completing the activity, so both formats should be maintained. Alterations to the activity and resources’ design and content are not warranted.

The best validation of Generate My Healthy Future Plan is that nearly 100 percent of youth and adult participants indicated that they would definitely or maybe recommend the activity to others. This high praise builds our confidence that Generate My Healthy Future Plan is a welcome addition to the national inventory of adolescent and young adult health promotion resources, and therefore worthy of promotion by Healthy Teen Network and of uptake by many more youth and those who support them.

Download the full report (below) for more information on the study and findings.

About Generate My Healthy Future Plan

Adolescence and young adulthood is a time when individuals begin to think about what they want for their futures—completing school, the type of work or career that best suits them, perhaps forming a long-term relationship, and generally enjoying life. During adolescence and young adulthood, youth are considering their futures through self-reflection, talking with people they trust, and seeking out reliable information on their own.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan is Healthy Teen Network’s discovery and planning activity for adolescents and young adults. It helps them to uncover matters of health and well-being of greatest interest to them and then points them to resources for more information or suggestions for taking action. The activity guides youth to consider their readiness to learn more about, or make a change in 20 healthy future subjects. The youth’s self-assessed readiness for change guides them to a next step, whether it be further reflection, gathering more information, or setting a goal and taking action.

Generate My Healthy Future Plan helps youth think about their lives, decide what they like about their lives right now, what they wish were different, and plan for a healthy future. The resource helps adolescents and young adults focus on what’s going on with their bodies, minds, relationships, and the places they live, learn, work, and play. At the conclusion of the activity, youth can have in their possession a written “game plan” for establishing, maintaining, or sustaining a life of health and well-being.

Youth may complete Generate My Healthy Future Plan either independently or with the guidance of a caring adult (parent or non-parent). Generate My Healthy Future Plan resources include a Questionnaire, Guide, and Journal for youth and a Facilitator Companion for caring adults.

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Citation: Healthy Teen Network (2018). Generate my healthy future plan: Study results. Baltimore: Author. Available from /


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