LGBTQ+-Who? | Game & Presentation

Date: April 19, 2017

Healthy Teen Network High School Intern Hannah Murray created this presentation and game to help viewers and participants learn more about the LGBTQ+ community.

  • A short Prezi presentation (below), titled LGBTQ+ – Who?!, outlines basic-yet-important information about gender, sexual identity, and the critical need to better meet the needs of LGBTQ+ youth, generally. The presentation includes a handy list of dos and don’ts for educators and other trusted adults to acknowledge and support transgender and gender non-conforming youth.
  • An interactive game where players move along a board similar to Chutes-and-Ladders while responding to questions that cover vocabulary, etiquette, and general things-to-know. (Scroll down to download instructions and game cards.)

This game is meant to be played after watching the LGBTQ+-Who? Presentation.

Download and print:

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Citation: Murray, Hannah. (2017). LGBTQ+ who? Baltimore: Healthy Teen Network.


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