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Boys Will Be Boys

Date: November 1, 2006

Cover Boys Will Be Boys

Research tells us that boys are exposed to child maltreatment and family violence at rates similar to girls, suffer different types of violence than girls, and experience their own gender-specific responses.

Citation: Kahn, A. & Paluzzi, P. (2006). Boys Will Be Boys: Understanding the Impact of Child Maltreatment and Family Violence on the Sexu
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Interpersonal Violence and Adolescent Pregnancy

Date: October 7, 2006

This reprinted report from the Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD) and Healthy Teen Network by Sally Leiderman with Cari Almo examines the links between interpersonal violence and teen pregnancy.  It also explores the implications for practice and programs and offers possible next steps for the field.

Citation: Center for Assessment and Policy Development and Healthy Teen Network. (2006). Interpersonal Violence and Adolescent Pregnancy. Baltimore: Author.
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Helping Teens Help Themselves

Date: September 21, 2006

This national blueprint represents a multi-year, multidisciplinary approach to increase supportive housing options for pregnant and parenting teens exiting foster care.

Citation: Max, J., and Paluzzi, P. (2006). Helping Teens Help Themselves. DC: Author.
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Replicating Success One Program at a Time

Date: October 4, 2005

Lessons from replicating community-based programs that effectively address the complex issues associated with teen parents and teen pregnancy prevention in the United States.

Citation: Knopf, M. & Paluzzi, P. (2005). Replicating success one program at a time. Baltimore: Healthy Teen Network.
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Promoting Successful Transition from Foster/Group Home Settings to Independent Living among Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Date: October 4, 2005

Summary Report The summary report, “Promoting Successful Transition from Foster/Group Home Settings to Independent Living Among Pregnant and Parenting Teens,” generously supported by the Freddie Mac Foundation discusses the difficulties facing teenagers in foster care/group settings and the policy that surrounds it.

Citation: Max, J. & Paluzzi, P. (2005). Summary report: promoting successful transition from foster care to independent living. Baltimore: Author.
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We’ve Come a Long Way in 25 Years – We Keep Doing the Impossible

Date: November 18, 2004

Dr. Douglas Kirby’s Keynote Address at Healthy Teen Network’s (then NOAPPP) 25th Annual Conference. In 2004, the National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention (NOAPPP) was busy deciding how best to celebrate 25 years as a national leader in the field of teen pregnancy, parenting and prevention. We embraced Sankofa, a Ghanaian concept connoting…

Citation: Kirby, D. (2004, November 18). We've come a long way in 25 years--We keep doing the impossible! Keynote presented at Healthy Teen Network (formerly NOAPPP) 25th Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.
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Yes You Can: Eat Well, Look Good and Save Money

Date: October 5, 2004

Healthy Teen Network’s nutrition guide for pregnant and parenting teens and is intended for use by adolescents themselves, and/or health care providers who work with pregnant and parenting youth. Topics addressed in the brochure include : healthy eating tips, breastfeeding, budgeting information, quick recipes, and information on eating disorders. This brochure was made possible by a…

Citation: Efla, J., Knopf, M., & Canova, K. (2004). Yes you can: Eat well, look good, and save money. Baltimore: Healthy Teen Network (formerly NOAPPP).
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Evaluation Readiness Assessment Guide

Date: January 1, 2000

Is Your Program Ready to Evaluate Its Effectiveness? A Guide to Program Assessment This guidebook was developed as an attempt to share the challenges we have encountered while evaluating programs participating in the National Urban Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (NUAPPP). Much of the material has been based on direct feedback from the NUAPPP participants.

Citation: 1. Sedivy V. (2000). Evaluation readiness assessment guide: Is your program ready to evaluate its effectiveness? Monograph published by Sociometrics Corporation and National Organization of Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention.
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Mapping Programs that Serve Pregnant and Parenting Teens

There are many programs providing services to young parents, but they often occur at the local, rather than the state-level, and identifying what is available is challenging. This report summarizes findings gathered by Healthy Teen Network over a six month period to assess supports and services for young families on a national scale.

Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2014). Mapping programs that serve pregnant and parenting teens in the US: Results and hurdles. Baltimore: Author.
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Gaining Support for Teen Families: Mapping the Perceptual Hurdles

Healthy Teen Network, along with a National Advisory Group, and the FrameWorks Institute have completed Phase One of a two year effort dedicated to identifying and implementing new ways of talking about pregnant and parenting teens to gain support for this population.

Citation: Nall Bales, S. & O'Neil, M. (2008). Gaining Support for Teen Families: Mapping the Perceptual Hurdles. DC: Author.
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