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Training & Support: Evidence-Based Programs & Curricula

February 4, 2020

We can help you build-buy in for evidence-based programs, select the program that fits your needs, prepare your health educators to deliver the program...and everything else along the way to implement programs with quality and fidelity. Services include presentations, trainings-of-facilitators, trainings-of-trainers, curriculum assessment, strategic planning, technical assistance, and more. 17 Days Becoming a Responsible Teen… Read more

Training and Support: Digital Studio Services

Our Digital Studio services combine human-centered design with new technologies to help you widen geographical reach, connect with your target audience, and save time and money. Looking for training or support with social media recruitment, digital focus groups, internet advertising, app development, data visualization, and more? We've got you covered! Ignite recruitment with social media… Read more

Presentation: Sexual Health Education for Youth Involved in Systems of Care: What Works?

What does it take to provide high-quality sexual health education to youth involved in systems of care? In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how the Power Through Choices curriculum was designed to meet the needs of youth involved in systems of care. Through guided small-group work, they will explore how to overcome common challenges to… Read more

Training-of-Trainers: Power Through Choices

Looking for long-term sustainability? Do you have a team of trainers experienced at building the capacity of adult professionals? A Training-of-Trainers, or a TOT prepares experienced trainers to conduct a Training-of-Facilitators on Power Through Choices, where health educators are prepared to implement the curriculum with youth. TOTs are a great way to support long-term sustainability… Read more

Training-of-Facilitators: Power Through Choices

Ready to implement the only proven effective curriculum designed for and with youth involved in systems of care? We can train your facilitators to implement the evidence-based program, Power Through Choices, with young people. We periodically offer trainings open to the public, as well as provide on-site trainings and presentations at the request of organizations in… Read more

Training: Communication & Co-Parenting Strategies for Working with Young Parents

We know young people who are pregnant or parenting often face unique challenges face in supporting their children. Professionals can support and empower young parents to overcome these challenges. But how? Often we hear from our members that they need practical solutions and new techniques for working with young parents. Want to learn more? We… Read more

Training: Master the Art of Training

Could your face-to-face training skills could use a face lift? Do you want to design engaging trainings that maximize learning? We offer a series of training and technical assistance to improve your skills for training. Learn how to craft a design that keeps learners engaged and build skills they will remember how to use after… Read more

Presentation: Working Effectively with Adolescents

April 2, 2018

This workshop will help sex education instructors use research on adolescent social, cognitive, and biological development to improve the way they communicate with adolescents. Participants will learn techniques for engaging adolescents and building buy-in to messages about behavior. Want to learn more? Whether you’re looking for a training or perhaps more in-depth technical assistance, we can… Read more

Training: Teaching Strategies for Sex Education

Why do we need to use a variety of teaching strategies when teaching sex education? Which ones work best, and why? What can go wrong, and what can we do about it? This training will help instructors answer all of these questions, and feel more competent to deliver engaging and interactive sex education. Want to… Read more

Training: LGBTQ+ 101

How can sex educators ensure that students of all sexualities and genders feel 'seen' and affirmed?  This training will cover the basic knowledge instructors need to feel competent leading discussions and answering questions, and will help build skills to create inclusive environments. Want to learn more? Whether you’re looking for a training or perhaps more… Read more