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Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education

April 15, 2019

Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education Cover

Have you ever wondered why we have student standards for sex education in schools, guidance for pre-service teachers, but no standards to help existing sex education teachers become more effective? We wondered that too, and that’s why we decided to serve on a team of training organizations to address this gap. Healthy Teen Network is…

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Human Trafficking 101

March 20, 2019

This is the first in a series of elearning units developed as part of this collaboration. Future units will include content specifically for medical providers, educators, parents/guardians, and other youth-serving professionals to better understand the role they can take in addressing sex and labor trafficking. Through Healthy Teen Network’s partnership with the University of Maryland School… Read more

Volt20: 20 Questions to a Healthy Future

March 19, 2019

Volt20 is the ultimate health resource guide every young person needs to help them thrive. Volt20 helps youth think about their lives, decide what they like about their lives right now, what they wish were different, and plan for a healthy future. Volt20 helps adolescents and young adults, up to 24 years old, focus on what’s going on with their bodies, minds, relationships, and the places… Read more

HPV: Not Too Late (a short video animation for young adults)

January 23, 2019

We as adult professionals know it’s not too late for young adults to get the HPV vaccine, but often times, they don’t know it. That’s why we developed HPV: Not Too Late. The short video animation (1:38) uses a conversational tone and humor to help young adults learn more about HPV and the vaccine and encourages… Read more

Evidence-Based Interventions

December 9, 2018

What is an evidence-based intervention (EBI) anyway? You may know the definition—a specific kind of programming that has been evaluated to show behavior change—but what’s that really mean? EBIs can be a great way to expand or strengthen the programming you deliver in your community. Explore what EBIs are, what makes them different from other… Read more

Position Statement: Substance Abuse and Its Intersection with Sexual Behavior among Youth

December 3, 2018

Healthy Teen Network understands that the teen years are a time of experimentation and risk taking and that this is normative behavior (Chick and Reyna, 2012). However some risk-taking behaviors can lead to highly morbid and even fatal outcomes and thus require prevention, early detection, and prompt treatment. Substance abuse and sexual risk-taking behaviors are…

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About the Center for Evidence & Innovation (Presentation)

November 15, 2018

How do we respond to the dynamic, ever-changing needs of the professionals we serve….YOU? Your time is limited, so getting out of the office is difficult. Your professional development dollars are always shrinking. And you want on-demand training and resources…you want it when you want it. Which is why we’re focusing on elearning for the…

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Position Statement: Evidence and Innovation

Healthy Teen Network believes that organizations and individuals that deliver client-focused programs and services should use evidence-based interventions and approaches, when they are available and appropriate to the people being supported. Healthy Teen Network also believes that innovation is critical to addressing the holistic needs of all youth and to keeping interventions and approaches relevant…

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Position Statement: Youth Engagement

Healthy Teen Network believes that authentic youth engagement, an approach we call youth at the center, is vital for achieving positive health and well-being outcomes for all youth. Organizations that deliver sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health services should integrate youth engagement in their design, development, and delivery of opportunities, supports, and services. Professionals…

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The Teacher’s Guide to Sex Ed

September 11, 2018

Providing quality sex ed is more than just anatomy and pregnancy. But how do you focus on all the stuff that matters to help students making informed and healthy choices? The Teacher's Guide has 8 units (below) to cover the basics of what you need to know. Go through all 8, or pick and choose what… Read more