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Helping Pregnant and Parenting Teens Find Adequate Housing

October 8, 2014

Understanding the resources available and law applicable to young parents to assist them in finding adequate housing is one way to help address the problem of homelessness among adolescent parents in the United States today. The American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law and Healthy Teen Network collaborated to develop an overview of…

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Helping Teens Help Themselves

October 5, 2014

This national blueprint represents a multi-year, multidisciplinary approach to increase supportive housing options for pregnant and parenting teens exiting foster care.

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Hidden In Plain Sight: Labor Trafficking in Maryland

March 20, 2017

What is labor trafficking? What are some signs labor trafficking is happening? What should you do if you see labor trafficking? Through Healthy Teen Network’s partnership with the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s Prevention of Adolescent Risk Initiative, this infographic and accompanying presentation are available to learn about  labor trafficking. These resources are focused on specifics for the state…

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Honoring LGBTQ+ People as Equal

June 13, 2016

A Statement of Inclusion Healthy Teen Network declares it way past time to let go of fear of LGBTQ+ people once and for all and let love reign in its stead. Fear manifests itself in health and socioeconomic disparities among the LGBTQ+ population compared to their heterosexual peers, including in substance use, HIV disease, suicide,…

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How the Affordable Care Act Improves Pregnant and Parenting Youth Access Health Care

September 18, 2015

Webinar Slides, Audio, & Transcript: What Have You Done for Me Lately? How the Affordable Care Act Improves Expectant and Parenting Youth’s Access to Health Care The Affordable Care Act established a wide variety of provisions to increase Americans’ access to affordable, accessible, and high-quality health care. Designed as a webinar for OAH PAF grantees, this webinar…

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How to Talk About Dual Protection

March 31, 2020

Have you seen the rising rates of STIs and falling rates of pregnancy? Do you know how to respond to a young person who is resistant to using condoms? Designed for educators and clinicians, this elearning gives you the information and skills you need to address the increasing rates of STIs, whether you’re working in… Read more

HPV: Not Too Late (a short video animation and infographic for young adults)

January 23, 2019

So, HPV (Human Papillomavirus)… It’s sexually transmitted, through all types of sex, it increases your risk of a whole bunch of HPV-related cancers, and it makes it more likely that you’ll contract genital warts…and overall, it’s just another thing to worry about. But guess what…you can prevent a lot of this stuff with a vaccine!… Read more

HPV: The Sooner, The Better for Peace of Mind (a short video animation and infographic for parents)

October 14, 2019

HPV...maybe you’ve heard about the kinds of cancers it causes, the 30,000+ people it affects every year, or that it’s sexually transmitted (through all types of sex), but you still aren’t sure about vaccinating your child, and you need more information. Start with this short, animated video, available in English and Spanish, to answer your… Read more

Human Trafficking 101

March 20, 2019

This is the first in a series of elearning units developed as part of this collaboration. Future units will include content specifically for medical providers, educators, parents/guardians, and other youth-serving professionals to better understand the role they can take in addressing sex and labor trafficking. Through Healthy Teen Network’s partnership with the University of Maryland School… Read more

Improving Outcomes for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

October 4, 2016

An Environmental Scan of Services and Programs The George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) funded Healthy Teen Network to conduct a community assessment of the services and programs available for pregnant & parenting teens in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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