Health Care, Birth Control, & Confidential Services

Access to Confidential Services: A Guide for YOU!

This brochure offers guidance for young people about access to confidential contraceptive services.

Asking Questions

While it is important to talk to your parents about your health and health care, sometimes you might want your health care to be confidential. If so, remember:

  • Ask whether your provider’s office or clinic offers confidential care for minors.
  • If you use your parent’s insurance, information about your provider’s visit and prescriptions will probably be sent to them.
  • If you don’t want to use your parent’s insurance, try to find a clinic that offers free care or lets you make payments you can afford.
  • Let your provider’s office or clinic know whether it’s okay to call you at home, on your cell phone, or at some other number.
  • Make plans for how you’ll receive mail from your provider.





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