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5 Tips for Your Sexual Health During COVID-19

We know that COVID-19 is making all relationships challenging, particularly sexual relationships. We came up with a brief list of ways to take care of yourself during the pandemic

Caricature of Ella Dorval Hall

By Ella Dorval Hall

April 23, 2020

Y ou may be a young person or adult experiencing these thoughts. Or you are the partner, parent, or caregiver of someone feeling this way. How do you support yourself or loved ones with this? COVID-19 may be making all sorts of relationships challenging, but particularly our sexual relationships. Here are five resources (for both young people or adults) to help with mental and sexual health during the global pandemic.

1. Sexting

Did you know, one study found “women were four times more likely to say they sent a sext to feel empowered and twice as likely to say they did it to feel confident”? Read more in Why do people sext? Not sure how to sext? Here are some ideas on how.

2. Solo Sex

While social distancing, we can practice solo sex (aka masturbating) to get to know our own bodies and pleasure. Unsure how? Have questions? (You’re not alone). Here is how to masturbate, and these are some extra tips if you are someone with a clitoris. Are you asking yourself, “Is it OK for my child to masturbate”? See what experts say the answer is.

3. Porn

Despite mixed messages out there about porn, it is often a very healthy part of people’s sexuality. Find out why young people watch porn and what they learn from it. Interested in watching porn? Check out this “Fact or Fiction” video and try this porn literacy toolkit.

4. “Date Yourself”

Yes, relationships during COVID are still extremely important, but what does it mean to truly be in a relationship with yourself? This can be an opportunity to explore that question, and Scarleteen has some ideas.

5. Go Online

Social media is full of sex experts who are sharing resources on mental health, how to use sex toys, tips for dirty talk, communication and consent, or how race, class, gender, and power show up in sexuality. Check out some of these amazing educators: @odotschool, @sexpositive_families, @vagesteem, @iheartericka, and @pphphealth.

Ella Dorval Hall was previously employed with Healthy Teen Network as a Capacity Building Specialist.