Our Services

You work hard to meet the needs of young people. We’re here to prepare and inspire you to do your best work every day. 


Join us for our annual conference or build your skills with ready-to-go trainings, offered in-person and  online.

Or, if you’re looking for support that’s tailored to you, Healthy Teen Network Learn custom trainings and one-on-one coaching can be done on-site or virtually, too.

Topics include just about anything you can think of related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health (the usual topics and beyond: puberty and adolescence, anatomy and physiology, condoms and contraception, pregnancy, STIs and HIV, gender and sexuality, healthy relationships, consent, confidentiality, youth-friendly services, classroom management, co-parenting, unique needs of young parents, and so much more).

We can plan just one event, like a training or an elearning resource. Or, we can help you create a comprehensive performance improvement plan, where we identify goals, objectives, and a plan to increase skills within your organization.

We do this through a range of delivery types, often available on-site and online:

  • Trainings, presentations, and elearning
  • Trainings-of-Facilitators on many evidence-based programs and curricula, such as Power Through Choices
  • Trainings-of-Trainers, designed just for your master trainers, so they can train adult professions
  • Coaching and technical assistance, to provide individualized support, usually over a period of time
  • Motivational interviewing, an evidence-based approach that uses collaborative, goal-oriented interactions to change behavior


Step-by-step, we help develop and improve programs and services to get the behavior change outcomes you want. 

Every day, you make sure young people get the programs and services they need and have a right to. But we know it can be overwhelming at times. Whether you’re designing something new or continuing to improve the work you already do, we can help, every step of the way with: 

  • Program and service assessment and planning 
  • Logic Models and goals and objectives 
  • Fit, capacity, fidelity and adaptation for evidence-based interventions
  • Program and services recruitment and retention 
  • Pilot testing and evaluation 
  • Continuous quality improvement 
  • Sustainability and fund development 


We use technology to help young people get the answers they need, find the right care, and feel good about their sexuality. And to get there, we use human-centered design. That’s a creative approach to problem-solving that starts with young people and ends with innovative solutions tailor-made to meet their needs. Apps. Bots. Internet marketing campaigns. Yeah, we got all of that…

But we don’t just stop at our stuff, either. We engage young people across the United States to promote our partners’ products, studies, and services, too.

Healthy Teen Network Create is about:


  • Technology design, including apps, websites, bots, and voice-activated technology
  • Formative research and digital focus group implementation
  • Recruitment for studies, programs, and services
  • Social media and dating app-based behavior-change campaigns
  • Evaluation


You know how important sexual and reproductive health is for all youth and young adults. But sometimes, it can be hard to convince others. Healthy Teen Network Advocate helps you advance care and education in your community by engaging and inspiring others toward action.

Yeah, we have lofty goals. But, we know that young people deserve (and have a right to!) education and care. We help you:


  • Advocate and inform with campaigns, strategies, and materials to support public policy changes at the state or local levels
  • Build champions and increase stakeholder engagement for programs and services
  • Create collaborative action plans or strategic plans to achieve goals
  • Build coalitions to bring together diverse and new kinds of partners from your community

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