Helping LGBTQ+ Youth Navigate COVID-19

While we all try to adjust to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, some young people are disproportionately affected. 

Caricature of Allison Tomai Felsen

By Allison Tomai Felsen

July 24, 2020

W ell, here we are. It’s almost August and we’re still battling the COVID-19 pandemic. That short, sigh of relief we had when things began to reopen is over.

In fact, cases in the US have surpassed FOUR MILLION. Let that sink in for a minute.

Here in Baltimore, indoor dining has been suspended again, and a public health order has been issued requiring that all people age 2 or older must wear a mask in any indoor public space. In the last week, debates have been raging across America about what the start of the 2020-2021 school year is going to look like for students. For most, it seems virtual or some kind of hybrid learning will continue.

The National Coalition for Sexual Health and GLSEN have partnered to create this fact sheet to help LGBTQ+ youth navigate COVID-19.

As we all continue to adjust to the uncertainty of the pandemic, it’s important to keep sharing resources that will help youth, especially those who might be disproportionally affected. Here are a few:

The National Coalition for Sexual Health and GLSEN have partnered to create this fact sheet to help LGBTQ+ youth navigate COVID-19. This resource answers questions on maintaining relationships, having safer sex, staying mentally healthy, and accessing sexual and gender-affirming health care services.

True Colors United has put together a COVID-19 Action & Resource Center which is frequently updated with resources and action items for professionals and advocates who work with youth, as well as young people looking for help.

Generation NYC has also put together an extensive resource page that can be filtered by the type of information you are seeking. Categories include mental health, physical health and wellness, peer and community support, food assistance, legal help, housing and shelter, and financial help.

The Gender Spectrum Lounge offers a global online community for gender-expansive teens, their families, and support professionals to connect, collaborate, and find resources specific to their needs.

APA Division 44: Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity has compiled these resources to assist LGBTQ+ youth who may be sheltering in place in non-affirming environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Human Rights Campaign has curated a list of resources that LGBTQ+ you and their parents can access both online and by phone.

Allison Tomai Felsen is a Communications Manager for Healthy Teen Network who provides design and communications expertise for projects and manages our website. Allison and her husband are proud parents of two pups and three cats. Read more about Allison